The Rubber Chicken- 2014 Basketball

      The match ups embodied everything the rivalry games have come to be known for with the out of this world costumes (for coaches- dressed in a full-blown Batman costume that would make Michael Keaton jealous, and Mickey Mouse, sorry Rob,  as well as the fans), the signs, and even the players with the “home chops”

Girls 3 Point Leaders

Girls GSL REG Season  “Three Ball” Leaders- Hannah Caudill, G Prep-  51 Jill Louthian, Ferris-  44 Kaley Lenhart, Ferris-  43 Delaney Junkermier, Mead-  36 Shyla Carr, SP-  35 6T-Lindsay Lee, LC-  29 6T-Ashlee Pedersen, MS-  29 8T-Kayla Leiland, G Prep-  27 8T- Brianna King, NC-  27 Sarah Guertin, Rogers-  26   * THRU Jan 17th

Boys 3 Point Leaders

BOYS GSL REG Season “Three Ball” Leaders- *UPDATED- END OF YEAR  Connor Hojnacki, LC- 47  Buddy Rucker, Rogers-  42  Justin Fayant, CV-  41  Robert Little, UH-  39 5T  Cody Benzel, Ferris-  37 5T Michael Isatalo, UH-  37 5T Stu Stiles, MS-  37  Ryan Alexander-G Prep-  32  Will McPhee, Mead-  31  AJ Knudsen, CV- 29  

Starting 5

As the season approaches the halfway mark,  Ive been scouting players and teams watching to see who has what the other team doesn’t,  why it works and doesn’t work, who should win and why teams lose.  I see CV with all of their experience and arguably the best player in Chamberlain, Shadle Park with all of their potential

The Recruit mind

Real athletes take loss with stride, they don’t give up, they simply try harder next time. This is the exact mentality student-athletes need when fighting the recruiting war. Remember, most college coaches are constantly hearing from hundreds of recruits from everywhere. Coaches have heard and seen it all. In order to stand above and set

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