Catch Spokane Sports does what?

Question:  It seems like you do alot, can you tell me exactly what you do? Answer: We… #1.  Watching and scouting the abilities of all students on the field/court/mats/track/. #2.  With this info we offer an entertaining blog series highlighting the local high school STARS and exposing them to the general public and people who care— parents, families, friends,

Money Talks

Some of you may know what its like to start out playing your first sport and in the beginning you are like every other youngster your age, having fun, learning the rules, the fundamentals, just playing.  Think about how you felt back then playing that game.  Maybe you were successful, maybe not, but it’s still


How are my donations used? Donations are used to assist Spokane’s youth with funding towards club teams, activities, training camps, tournament fees and other activities that promote athletic development. Why are donations necessary? As a non-profit we rely on community support to be able to give back to our youth. No athlete should feel like

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