Spokane Area Girls Basketball – High Scorers 2014/15

On this list are the top scorers in the area.  These  girls were consistently lights out! Christine Denny- Liberty– 38 points Madison Hovren- CV–  34 points Riley Lupfer- LC/ Madison Hovren-CV- 33 points Christine Denny-Liberty/ Madison Hovren-CV- 32 points Oti Gildon- G Prep/ Madison Hovren- CV/ Christine Denny- Liberty- 31 points Christine Denny- Liberty- 30

Spokane Area Boys Basketball- High Scorers 2014/15

This list was compiled to show off the high scorers for the 2015 high school season in Spokane and surrounding areas.  If you made this list you are an elite scorer, Congrats! Dan Peone- Reardan–  41 points Match Burnham- Liberty– 40 points Brandon Rueben- Reardan– 37 points Match Burnham- Liberty/Brandon Rueben- Reardan- 36 points Ryan

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