Spokane Area Girls Basketball – High Scorers 2014/15

fireOn this list are the top scorers in the area.  These  girls were consistently lights out!

Christine Denny- Liberty– 38 points

Madison Hovren- CV–  34 points

Riley Lupfer- LC/ Madison Hovren-CV- 33 points

Christine Denny-Liberty/ Madison Hovren-CV- 32 points

Oti Gildon- G Prep/ Madison Hovren- CV/ Christine Denny- Liberty- 31 points

Christine Denny- Liberty- 30 points

Hannah Burland- EV/ Maddie Johnson- Reardan/ Hailey Higashi-St Georges– 29 points

Madison Hovren-CV/ Oti Gildon-G Prep/ Maddie Johnson-Reardan- 28 points

Megan Lee-Colville/ Hannah Burland-EV/Christine Denny-Liberty/ Hailey Higashi-St Georges- 27 points

Shyla Carr-ShadleCece Bergquist-St Georges/ Meika Heath-Davenport/ Oti Gildon-G Prep/ Hailey Higashi-StG- 26 points

Madelynne Flaig- Liberty/ Issabelle Miller- Freeman/ Hannah Burland- EV/ Oti Gildon-G Prep/ Cece Bergquist- StG- 25 points

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Spokane Area Boys Basketball- High Scorers 2014/15


This list was compiled to show off the high scorers for the 2015 high school season in Spokane and surrounding areas.  If you made this list you are an elite scorer, Congrats!

Dan Peone- Reardan–  41 points

Match Burnham- Liberty– 40 points

Brandon Rueben- Reardan– 37 points

Match Burnham- Liberty/Brandon Rueben- Reardan- 36 points

Ryan Ricks-NW Christian– 34 points

Nate Guske- Deer Park/ Will McPhee-Mead/ – 32 points

Ryan Maine- Freeman/ Cory Wagner- Medical Lake/Match Burnham-  31 points

Tyler Axtell-Riverside- 30/Match Burnham/Brandon Rueben-30 points

Match Burnham- Liberty/ Clay Flemming-Liberty/ Brandon Rueben-Reardan- 29 points

Robert Rucker-Rogers/Mike Ervin- Ferris/ Asher Cox- NWC– 28 points

Riley Smith-NC/ Logan Adams- G Prep-/ Tyler Axtell-Riverside/ Brandon Rueben-Reardan/ Match Burnham-Liberty- Cory Wagner- Med Lake-  27 points

Tellas Johnson- Med Lake/ Jake Phipps- Freeman/Jack Paukert- Freeman/ Ryan Ricks-NWC/Tyler Axtell- Riverside/ Match Burnham- 26 points





GSL BOYS- 3 Point Leaders (end of season)



Made 3-pointers

Tanner Sloan CV- 42

Logan Adams GP-  42

Spencer Matt UH-  36

Robert Rucker ROG-  35

Riley Smith NC-  34

Murphy Butte FER-  33

Max Hess MEAD-  32

Kylan Kelley SP-  31

Will McPhee MEAD-  30

KJ Hassett ROG-  29

Kea Vargas GP-  29

Robert Little UH-  28

Josh Richter MEAD-  28

Jace Van Leirop FER- 28

NKeil Nelson SP-  27

Dray White UH- 27