Avoid student debt, learn-“EFC”

Too many people think that your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is something that you worry about when you apply for financial aid, if they have heard the term at all. And if you’re a family with high school students thinking about college, it’s definitely a term you should become familiar with immediately. Why? Because what

GSL Softball Stats (April 5, 2015)

GSL GIRLS SOFTBALL BATTING LEADERS thru APRIL 5, 2015 HITS- Hannah Bell (MTS)-  17 Kimber Tutt (MTS)-  15 Kirsten Anstrom (UH)-  14 Rachael Johnson (UH)- 14 Kyla Stern (MTS)-  13 Shyla Vegas (CV)-  13 Macie Reynolds (CV)-  13 Erin Kautzman (Mead)-  12 Meredith Clark(Mead)-  12 Laurie Jones (SP)-  11 Naomi Harris (LC)-  11 Taylor John


Here is a look at the GSL Baseball Leaders thru April 2 from available teams. TOTAL HITS Cal Webb (LC)- 18 Brayden Olson(Rogers)-  15 Tyler Bailey (MtSpo)-  14 Alex Jacob(NC)-  14 David Mickey (GPrep)-  12 Cooper Smith (MtSpo)-  12 Zach Day (Rogers)-  12 Jayden Nguyen (SP)-  11 Jordan Summers (LC)-  11 Cole Beamer (LC)-  11

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