With NO High School season until MAY 2021 (at the earliest) and no local basketball options for our 60+ high school players that are now forced to leave town to play, this is VERY expensive for families to continue!  We are not typically a “travel” program and do not budget for such expenses, however since the Spokane area is shut down due to Covid and with our regional connections, we have been able to find tournaments to keep these young men & women in the program busy.  Since we do exhaust every avenue to make sure the players have the opportunities to grow on/off the court and possibly get college roster spots, we are in dire need to keep the program up and running for our players.

Please help us CATCH the kids that are falling through the cracks.

We are humbly asking for your help to keep our kids on the courts with 2 new scholarship programs.


$75/recurring monthly payment that supports our player’s minimum monthly training fee and our general scholarship fund.

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A one-time tournament award of $250 that pays for the cost of one player’s tournament fees including- player fee, travel, hotel, and food for a weekend.


With any questions please call (509-220-5607) or email ( Richie Fischer (Director) with any questions or information needed!  Thank you!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to temporarily stop our already limited services (again) in order to abide by the governor’s social distancing rules. This has resulted in a loss of revenue from cancellations of events and memberships. This sudden halt also jeopardizes our ability to provide outreach programs for our community when we regain operations in the future including a much-anticipated FREE “Beyond Basketball24” program that was due to launch after Spring Break in 4 local Spokane Public schools to increase school attendance, behavior and overall family access to top-notch basketball.

We are a very small but growing Non-Profit serving a unique need such as culturally responsive mentorship through coaching to build up the confidence, identity, and resiliency of our diverse population of CATCH SPOKANE members and partners, but we were not prepared for this global pandemic.

Any donation will help us have the financial resources necessary to serve our youth and community while this pandemic is in full force and when we can resume our activities. Click Above to Donate Online.

We aim to CATCH student-athletes that are falling through the cracks. Whether it be a cultural disconnect, lack of resources or connections to the sport, a family financial hardship, or they simply just had bad experiences in school or other youth teams. We want to make sure every interested family and eligible athlete gets the chance to achieve their potential by assisting them with opportunities for low-cost participation!

Your donation allows us to continue our ability to provide low-cost programs and scholarships. We are constantly planning new events and partnerships and want to be ready when life swings back to the daily hustle.

Thank you.

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