The average cost of a player in grades 4-8 to play one season of basketball in Spokane costs $828. This is one practice and one game per week, about 3 hours! This is the bare minimum cost for our youth to participate on a team. That cost does not include necessary equipment like basketball shoes, socks, practice shorts, a ball, a knee or ankle brace, etc. Nor does it factor in transportation, coach’s time and costs, or after-game meals. GYM FEES are the largest cost to our program and count for more than half of the player cost on average! The bottom line is we need your help keeping the kids in gyms and with each other to build the lasting positive effects that sports add to a young person’s development toward adulthood. Please find in your heart to provide a scholarship this season.

Please help us CATCH the kids that are falling through the cracks.

We are humbly asking for your help to keep our kids on the courts with 2 new scholarship programs.


$80/recurring monthly payment that supports our player’s monthly trainings, gyms, and our general scholarship fund.

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A one-time player season fee award of $828 that pays for the cost of one player’s season fees including- league fees, practice time, & uniforms.

(ONE TIME AWARD of $828)

With any questions please call (509-220-5607) or email ( Richie Fischer (Director) with any questions or information needed!  Thank you!

We are a very small but growing Non-Profit serving a unique need such as culturally responsive mentorship through coaching to build up the confidence, identity, and resiliency of our diverse population of CATCH SPOKANE members and partners.

Any donation will help us have the financial resources necessary to serve our youth and community. Click Above to Donate Online.

We aim to CATCH student-athletes that are falling through the cracks. Whether it be a cultural disconnect, lack of resources or connections to the sport, a family financial hardship, or they simply just had bad experiences in school or other youth teams. We want to make sure every interested family and eligible athlete gets the chance to achieve their potential by assisting them with opportunities for low-cost participation!

Your donation allows us to continue our ability to provide low-cost programs and scholarships. We are constantly planning new events and partnerships and want to be ready when life swings back to the daily hustle.

Thank you.

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