Jacob Krantz- MT SPOKANE

Jacob is a 6-2 junior forward for the Wildcats who shows good fundamentals and rock solid ball sniffing abilities.  He’s a scorer that doesn’t shoot the ball, which means he’s a total team player that can merge into any offensive set and make things happen as he knows and understands his role on the team.  I would have to say he might be a little too unselfish but the time will come when he needs to step it up a bit and look for his shot more.  Krantz also probably has his play making and passing abilities overlooked.

Defensively he, like a lot of “FORWARDS” in this undersized city,  doesn’t mind bruising underneath even with a bigger player due to  his mental take on the game as he blocks out and slashes hard for loose balls and rebounds.  That shows a lot of heart and promise moving ahead.

I like this kid’s game!

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