Max Hess- MEAD


(2014/15) 6-2 Senior , guard- 14.3 ppg(1/3/15)

Hess has the ability to change a game with his defense and scoring ability.  He plays within the team concept and would score more in an open offense.  Demonstrates a level head under pressure or when times get tough.


(2013/14)On the court, Maxamillion is an athletic, smooth, rangey, playmaker.  You can usually find him running the lane or driving through it for a lay up,  but he is not afraid to cast from three land either!  He’s a dangerous offensive player in this city and needs to be guarded tightly to help cap his productivity.

Those same traits listed previously also describe his defensive game as he can force a lot of turnovers and make a lot of steals being as smart as he is fast at the opposite end!

He has another year to stretch his game after this season and may be in line for a MVP vote or two in the near future, he’s that talented!


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