Cameron Tucker- CV

Cameron Tucker wears number 40 this year for Central Valley and I believe he will  be the next star for the Bears.  Let me start by saying that I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him twice this season and both times he’s showed me an impressive all around game.  This sophomore sensation is a legit 6-4 with long arms and a quick first step.  In standard GSL terms his height would suggest a low post player and rebounder,  except  I’m having trouble viewing him as a post player because he’s so fluid with the ball in his hands.  Cameron gets off the dribble quick and he gets up with his shot quick as a very athletic small forward type.  He will more than likely grow some more and  IF he can continue to develop a three-point shot and is given the green light with the tools I’ve seen so far…  ***BOLD STATEMENT AHEAD***  he can challenge for the league’s scoring title as Chamberlain and Byus both move on to bigger and hopefully better things next season.

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