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You will find player reviews in the STAR Reviews tab.  Browse through the sports and each grade level with appear.  Feel free to comment on your favorite players or give us some scouting suggestions.  This is one simple way YOU can contribute to the exposure of these STARS in the making!

We are currently looking for parents and current high school students  and faculty interested in reporting sports, writing about sports, or just love watching sports for their particular schools.  If you work on your school’s newspaper or year book committees,  have a desire of being a part of a  journalism, communications, or social media career, or just want to join a fun and casual after hours program, we’d love to have you jump aboard for the opportunity to be creative, gain experience, and upgrade your college and work resumes as a community blog contributor. 

If you would like to contribute as a game reporter, photographer, scout, blog cheerleader, or in any other way, please fill out the form below and we will discuss a way for you to help show off your skills about the players you are covering.  Or simply send us a story right here!

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