Question: What is CATCH SPOKANE?

Answer: CATCH SPOKANE is a new venture here to help you the student and the athlete as  mentor, fundraiser, and recruiter.  We want to make sure each interested and eligible athlete gets the chance to achieve their potential by assisting them with specialized training in skills camps, private club team selection,  entry into off-season tournaments or leagues, and providing scholarship awards for any these activities.   We are raising funds for your benefit!  If there is something you need help with that can possibly make the difference in you becoming a better athlete and getting added exposure to your future and especially college coaches, we NEED to know about it so we can help you.

Question:  What sports are available for training through CATCH SPOKANE?

Answer:  Right now we are heavy into basketball, helping both boys and girls from 7 years old up to the early twenties.  We find off season and college teams, let them experience travel, and connect players with mentors.  We’ve worked out deals with several college and former Pro players from the area along with a partnership with I’m Possible training with two certified trainers on staff.

We have access to Softball, Tennis, Volleyball, and Soccer, for those of you looking for top notch sport specific training at less than expected costs!  Soon we will be launching other training programs and options as our network grows.

Question:  Who benefits from CATCH SPOKANE?

Answer: One of Catch Spokane’s unique features is that we use many sources and strive to help at different levels.

  • Student contributors– We will  gather news worthy information directly from current high school students and college internships through photographs, athlete interviews,  game casts, etc.  and with the encouragement to be as creative as possible we then pass it on to the site viewers and community to enjoy.   This gives the students another way to add experience and something extra to enhance their college and work resumes.
  • Athletes  Identified athletes will be given their own Star page with the opportunity to increase their exposure to colleges through game reviews, academic profiles, video highlights, stats, personal blogs, connections and communication with coaches, knowledge of camps and important area tournaments, upcoming games, and all of the resources of Catch Spokane to get them to the next level, to play the game they love.  Furthermore there will be a fund set up to help with off season club fees, private workouts, transportation, and anything involved in getting you an edge in the recruiting circles.
  • Parents–  Our goal with parents is simple, help guide your sons and daughters to a brighter future.  Whether that’s extending a financing source to help pay for off-season needs from our player’s pool, investing the time to find the right school/program and saving you money on a college education by finding your family a college scholarship,  or just being a needed mentor in a rocky recruiting process, we want to seal the cracks and “Catch the Stars” of Spokane.
  • College Coaches– We will provide coaches a pinpoint area to view each athlete’s profiles, summaries of games, highlight reels,  and important data pertaining to the player, making it easy to follow and recruit.
  • Local Sponsors–  Spokane area sponsors will be able to come together and through Catch Spokane, sponsor a player or team, donate to a sport or program, or advertise with Catch Spokane to join in the goal of helping kids get the experience and exposure to increase the chances of a college scholarship.  Ask us for details.
  • Local sports programs–  As a community driven organization, Catch Spokane will funnel proceeds it receives from the channels above, to the team’s and player’s athletic enrichment.

Question:  How did CATCH SPOKANE get my name? Why did I get a letter?

Answer:  We – THE LOCAL scouts,  travel to different high school  sporting events in the Spokane area, searching for the players that the colleges are seeking.  Once we determine that you have the athletic skill to play at the next level, a contact is made, likely a letter being sent to the athlete, coach, or parents.  If you received a letter it was because we saw you play and determined that you have what it takes to play at the collegiate level.

In doing so, we will have student contributors helping gather fun and exciting information about the players and teams, gaining experience in this unique community service project.

Question:  Are you 501 (c) (3) certified?

Answer: YES! Tax ID# 46-5190106

Question: How do I set up the free IN-PERSON evaluation?

Answer:  From the website fill out a contact form listed on most pages.  We will confirm that we received your request and we will be in contact with you to set up a time that is convenient for you and your family to meet.

Question:  Can you get my son/daughter a 4 year scholarship or just a 1 or 2 year deal?

Answer:  Any and all scholarships and grants, etc. that are available for your child will be ultimately decided on by you.  Many programs of all sizes are looked at, final decisions are determined by the school’s fit of the athlete’s required areas of study and talent level.

Question:  What if I’ve already graduated high school?

Answer:  We have programs to help those of you that have finished high school, are eligible to play at a college program, and want to continue working toward that goal!  Contact us to find out what we can do to help you now.

Question:  It seems like you do alot, can you tell me exactly what you do?

Answer:  Yes we do!

We work with schools, organizations, companies, other non profits, professional leagues, coaches, and community leaders as needed to make sure players from ages 6 all the way up to 29 get a real shot at their dreams, have fun, learn the game from respectable coaches, be the best they can be, and make connections that can further their travels of athletics.

Question: What does recruiting aid from CATCH SPOKANE cost?


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