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Sign up below to train monthly with Spokane’s best basketball trainers.  We love to teach players HOW TO TRAIN and get the most efficient workouts possible.  Right now is a great time to get involved!  Click below to get more information or to register.

Catch & Draine basketball training  

John Draine Jr is a certified ball handling expert while Richie Fischer is a certified “playmaker”!

We are excited to announce our first team of 8th grade girls from Spokane, Spokane Valley, and Deer Park that will compete in Spokane’s AAU season for 2016-17.  This team was created with the mind set of making sure kids who want to play and work hard, should have a source for good leadership and coaching.  Coach Don Grant has spent many years coaching girls in Deer Park and jumped at the opportunity to develop our mission to supply kids options and exposure to the games.  Coach Andre Ervin is going to be a part of the players development over the season and will find time to help these girls progress on and off the court.   Catch Spokane Director, Richie Fischer will also be putting his stamp on the team making sure the girls learn to work hard, be selfless as teammates, and remember to have fun!

OUR 2016-17 SQUAD cs-warmup

Jenny Facer 5-9, Mountain Side, P

Bree Fischer 5-3, Northwood, W

Brook  Rowland 5-2, CCS, G

Hannah Carnahan 5-3, Deer Park, G

Alyssa Barnufsky  5-0, Northwood G

Jaelynn Proctor 5-7, St. Charles, W/P

Zerahay Rayson 5-11, Garry, P

Paige Thompson 5-7, Deer Park, W/P

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Upcoming Events

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