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The Recruit mind

Real athletes take loss with stride, they don’t give up, they simply try harder next time. This is the exact mentality student-athletes need when fighting the recruiting war.
Remember, most college coaches are constantly hearing from hundreds of recruits from everywhere. Coaches have heard and seen it all. In order to stand above and set yourself apart from other recruits who are striving for the same goal, you need a strong mind and game plan. Make sure to get the proper help from coaches, parents, and any other people you trust who can guide you to your best possible fit. How you feel is the most important part of any change in life. Moving on to college is stressful enough so going in with a comfort level with how your athletic abilities, location of new school, and academic programs offered fit, will do wonders for your athletic career and life long goals. Don’t settle for what’s given, it may never come! Begin reaching for what you want, you can’t wait, there will always be someone else doing it as well or better. Stay mentally tough and start your recruiting process early making notes on what you like and how you want to earn your way through life, because your sport may just be a starting line for your race after practice.

Use Social media to your advantage

Clean-up your social media accounts. Remember to post ONLY appropriate pictures and videos on your wall. Coaches and recruiters will be trolling recruits accounts before they seriously consider athletes; don’t give them reason to dismiss you before they get to know you. If you have a Twitter, Facebook or any other social media accounts make sure that the updates you send out are appropriate, meaning no foul language, no name brand endorsements and especially no smack talking any coaches or teammates (past or present). This is an instant red flag. Think about it, if coaches see that you bad mouth your current coach they will undoubtedly believe that you will cause issues with future coaches and teammates.