“The Recruit”

If I am good enough they will find me.”  This is a farce for all but the “BLUE CHIPPER’S”.  If you are not a D1 prospect and  you are waiting around for a college program to contact you, then you will lose.  Only about 1% of high school athletes become D1 athletes.

My name is Richie Fischer and as a former high school and college athlete in the Spokane area, I learned this lesson the hard way.  I played against NBA players at National tournaments like Jason Terry, Luke Walton, and Michael Dickerson but I did not grasp on early enough in the process how much my actions (on and off the court), my attitude, my grades, and my mentors played into my college sports aspirations no matter how good I thought I was.  In fact my sports career was absolutely cut short at the recruiting level because myself and those “guiding” me were lacking the knowledge of how it constructed my “real life” and future adulthood.  I had no accountability or understanding of the process!

Now, after years of following area athletes I realize how many local stars are also falling short in pursuit of their sports dream and I’m here to help every family of a student-athlete that has the right mind-set, work ethic,  and athletic ability to fulfill that dream—-> to continue playing the game they love and earn a college roster spot!  

I have compiled a great group of former college and professional players in various sports to help serve as mentors, coaches, and knowledge vaults on recruiting and what it takes to get to the next level.  

      I commend all of the volunteer coaches in the various sports in the area.  It takes a lot of dedication and love to do those jobs for our kids.  Spokane is a big sports town and growing larger, but the reality is that most scholastic and private club coaches spend so much time working their day to day jobs, teaching classes, scheduling practice times, recruiting players, taking care of their own families, etc. they don’t have the time to spend on “after hours” research  scouting, evaluating, fund-raising, and searching for your absolute best interests and pursuit of opportunities to play at the right program.  That’s where we come into the picture!
     We will follow along on your journey keeping you accountable for your grades and responsible for your actions on/off the court.  We will network to grow the exposure of your abilities and important data so you will be noticed.  We will strive to get you an opportunity to attend camps and tournaments that will isolate you to gain connections and open the eyes of coaches.  We will show you how to do the research on colleges and programs that will shape your future.  We will be active in the community allowing endless volunteer and social project opportunities.  Unlike other “recruiting services” we focus on a long-term relationship with local players ONLY.  We will be your extended family, granting you the spring-board to leap to the top of your athletic mountain!
     If you feel you or your son/daughter has the talent and most importantly the desire to be a college athlete and would like to be scouted, please fill out the form below, send us a message, and we will be in touch with an honest evaluation and road map for your success.

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