The First Hoop Scoop

The GSL basketball rosters are loaded this year with 7 out of 12 returning first team ALL LEAGUE members!ALL_GSL_GIRLS_BASKETBALL_2013_t400

Sam Dowd- G Prep

Adam Chamberlain- CV

Stu Stiles- Mt Spokane

Cody Benzel-  Ferris

Delany Junkermier- Mead

Otiona Gildon- G Prep

Madison Hovren –  CV


The season starts Tuesday and I have a list of under the radar players that I cant wait to see in action with their new game.

My list includes;  Ryan Alexander(G prep), Brendan McClary (G prep), George Pilimai (SP), Jalen Hicks (Ferris), Jacob Krants(MS), Michael Isotalo (UH), Brandon Pettersen(Mead), Thomas Kautzman (Mead), Robert Rucker (Rogers),  Beau Byus (CV), Conor Hojnacki (LC), and the QB/WR duo of Quinn Zerba and James Weigel @ NC.

On the girls side I like; Riley Lupfer (LC), Kayla Leland (G prep), Brianna King (NC), Megan Dean (NC), Mariah Cunningham(CV), McKenzie Peterseon (UH), Brooke Bailey (UH), Megan Nilson(MS), Brittney Johnson(Ferris), Brianna Bowton(Ferris), Sue WInger (Mead), and the twins Sarah Guertin and Loretta Guertin(Rogers).

Let me know if you think I missed you and then show me the goods on the court!  I’ll be around…

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