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As the season approaches the halfway mark,  Ive been scouting players and teams watching to see who has what the other team doesn’t,  why it works and doesn’t work, who should win and why teams lose.  I see CV with all of their experience and arguably the best player in Chamberlain, Shadle Park with all of their potential and the “Fab Frosh” Nelson and Brown, and NC finally winning one of more to come this season, with their senior grit setting the tone for their youngsters.    I clearly have my favorite players and teams to watch from  a fan’s point of view.

Another thing I see is that Mead has the most talented and versatile starting five in the league.  The Panthers have 5 guys on the court from the jumpball that can go for 20 points and snatch 6 steals or grab 12 boards while whacking 4  threes, or dish out 8 assists while taking 3 charges.  Although undersized, every player is solid and good at every aspect of the game.

PG- Will McPhee runs the offense with limited turnovers and fine passing skills  and has no problem scoring. Whether its bombing away or ending a possession with one of his trademark finishes around the basket, he’s a steady floor leader on both ends.  Defensivley I like the way he ball hawks and gets into his match up.

–  Mitch Banaugh possesses one of the more natural jump shots in the city and is shooting 3s at a high percentage.  He’s got decent size in the league as a guard and will play aggressive on the defensive end.  I believe he can score better than he’s showed, but he’s also proving he has the ability to be a role player and do what coach asks of him which is an under rated trait at the high school level.

– Max Hess is one of the more all around talents we have this season in Spokane. What stands out to me is the way he slides and moves on defense when they start trapping.  He’s a long and athletic specimen who thrives on a faster paced game, forcing bad passes and turnovers.  When the ball is in his hands  Max does not hesitate to throw in “stop n pop” jumper or finger roll a baseline dribble drive .  I see him as a star in the making and he’ll only get better and more consistent with time.

– Thomas Kautzman . This guy is a beast!   He usually plays out of position as an uber athletic, physical post player  with a scowl on his face and chip on his shoulder that makes him the love/hate player in this league. he’s a MAN on the glass, and will do everything possible to keep you from doing anything easy on the D side.

-Brandon Pettersen is another undersized big man but he possesses a game that is a little different than most 6-2 post players.  He usually roams the high post setting screens for his teammates and waiting for his game to come not forcing anything.  Brandon is mostly playing the 5 spot in a 3 mans body with the offensive skills to have 15 points, 8 rebounds, and 5 assists every night and it would not be a surprise.  He’s perfect for that high post in Meads offense.

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