Tonight @ Mt Spokane

Following up on @NWPrepsnow story about the CV @ MTS game, stats do not tell the story of what Ashlee Pedersen means to that team and how impressive she is.  She scored 20 of her 25 in the second half to go along with 5 steals,7 rebounds, 6 deflections, 1 block, and 2 forced turnovers and I can argue she’s as valuable if not more valuable to her squad on defense.  She  bounces all over the zone, playing the block, playing the top , barking orders for her teammates to rotate, etc.  On one possession she ran from the right block , to the left block, then out to the left wing, and finally zipping over to the right wing as CV swung the ball to the open girl, only for Peterson to reject the three point attempt and start a fast break.  Number 13 scored 25 points with only one- (1) set play for her the entire game and I estimate the other guards had 14 turnovers to 4 assists which does not make it any easier as she plays off the ball.  Everything she did was on her own.  What a game and if you haven’t seen her yet, make a point to appreciate the all around game of this chick!

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