Spokane’s HS Baseball Stats

alex jondal_profileGames through April 9th (only teams with stats gathered are listed)

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Yoshinhara- Ferris-  19

Parker- Ferris-  17

Douglas- Shadle-  14

Gosline-  Prep-  14

Maclin- Shadle-  13

Bailey- MTS-  13

O’Rourke- Mead-  12

Williamson-UH-  12

Macdonald- MTS-  11

Webb- LC-  11

Ward- Chewelah-  10

Rathbone-  GP-  10

Phelan- EV-  10

T Holling- Colville-  10

Risinger- Rogers-  9



Risinger- Rogers-  5

Sims- Chewelah-  5

Thew- ST Georges-  5

Douglas- Shadle- 5

Walker- Reardan-  5

Bailey- MTS-  4

Rathbone- GP-  4

Peplinski- St Georges-  4

Smith- MTS-  4

McCauley- CV-  4

L Holling- Colville-  4

Miller- Deer Park-  4

Day-  Rogers-  4

Gosline- GP-  3

Krupla- Shadle-  3

Hainline-  Shadle-  3

Werkmean-  St Georges-  3

Muelhiems- St Georges-  3

Hansen- Chewelah-  3

Williamson- U High-  3

Parker- Ferris-  3

Wagner- Med Lake-  3

Sage- WV-  3

Lee- LC-  3



Douglas- Shadle-  4

Thew- St Georges-  3

Werkman- St Georges-  3

Smith- Mt Spokane-  2

Gosline- GP-  2

Rassmussen-  Mt Spokane-  2

Keubler- Shadle-   2

Muelhiems- St Georges-  2

Fitzpatrick- Mt Spokane-  1

S Machtolf- G Prep-  1

Norden- Rogers-  1

Spaldin- St Georges-  1

Jondal-  Ferris-  1

Buchkowski- Ferris-  1




Showing off the high school sports stars of Spokane.

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