Catch Spokane 3 on 3 League FInal Standings

  TEAM record
1 STEP DADS* CHAMPIONS* – Dustin Beach, Mitch Holda, Steve Stockton, Garrett Stroscher, Jared Swanson 11 4
2 Secret Weapon- Tristan Clarke, Jake Wiley, Zach McVicker, Matt Koegler, Manny 9 6
3 Santes- Tim Smith, Daniel Hutchinson, Brian Wolverson, Daniel Powell 8 6
4 Catch Spokane-Richie Fischer, Caleb Guske, Tyler Irish, Oresto Best, Patrick McPhearson 7 7
5 Winterfell-Mike Perez, Jake Gamble, Matt Raby, Keith Schmidt, 7 7
6 hdmd- Briand Shields, Rob Blomgren, Rob Teichrob, Jared Smith, 7 7
7 KingFisch- Donny Biagi, Greg Partch, Steve Hansen, Jeremy Cook 5 9
8 Hint of Swish- Kelley Ferguson, David Bourget, Kevin O Connor, Jacob Baker 4 10

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