Catch Spokane Sports does what?

Question:  It seems like you do alot, can you tell me exactly what you do?



#1.  Watching and scouting the abilities of all students on the field/court/mats/track/.

#2 With this info we offer an entertaining blog series highlighting the local high school STARS and exposing them to the general public and people who care— parents, families, friends, and College Coaches!   Betcha see your name!

#3.  Then we recruit the players who seem to be falling through the cracks, that show the potential to get better, and want to get better.

#4.  This leads to finding them mentoring— access to appropriate coaching and academic guidance, running skills sessions with local successors, tutoring, sport specific camps,  etc.

#5.  Follow this with assisting parents with team placement and/or advice.

#6.  Also helping to fundraise by securing sponsors, partnering with local businesses, organizing sporting events, and running adult sporting leagues to subsidize the student-athletes’ “BENEFITS”.

#7.  Finally developing a plan for serious and registered families to be recruited and earn college roster spots with scholarships and/or grant monies available.

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