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Teacher and Student

The Catch Spokane Youth Basketball program is designed to teach players how to improve fundamentally and fit within a team before they reach the high school level. We work on fundamentals and individual skills that will progress into a team atmosphere. A player must first be disciplined and knowledgeable about what he/she can do physically and also know what they need to improve on both physically and mentally as they grow and before they can form a true player identity to be successfully placed onto a competitive team, within a role that allows the best opportunity to continue to thrive as a player and teammate. If your son/daughter is not currently playing on a team and would like to, we can help make those connections available.

Each player will develop through a series of clinics that start with fun and lead to a sense of pride and accomplishment on and off the court. Each level of education and training will build confidence and lead onward, continuously growing by various goals set for each individual.

The game of basketball is great and at the youth level it needs to keep all players smiling, laughing, and being friendly, because at it’s core it is a driveway game of H.O.R.S.Eon Thanksgiving with your sisters, a game of around the worldat a family reunion, or for most in Spokane a Hoopfest team in late June… It shouldn’t be taken too seriously for most. “Seriousness” will come at a certain point for a select few and we plan to play a part in that journey as well.

Catch Spokane’s Youth Basketball program will bring a unique and sincere effort to support and train ALL young players and families that are able and willing to grow and learn by being adaptable, responsible, versatile, and mentally strong as individuals. Dedicated, loyal, respectful, and accountable as teammates.

For the love of the game and a brighter future, we hope you join our team!

DROP-INS WELCOME, come any Saturday you are available from now until DEC 20th.  More Clinics to come after the new year just check our facebook or webpage.

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