Dec 16 Games- Mead @ G Prep

DEC 16, 2014



Gonzaga Prep held on to win this game, somehow.

The Panthers seemed to dominate the game especially defensively. I did not see the final stat sheet but I witnessed Mead force 15+ turnovers but just could not capitalize on them and actually turned it back over themselves numerous times.  Regardless of the outcome, Mead’s defensive pressure is remarkable and will lead to a lot of wins if they can maximize the offensive opportunities from the turnovers that they force.  Max Hess is still the most noticeable defender who “erks and jerks” in a fiery frenzy of arms and legs all over the court, deflecting and stealing passes. He is followed closely by Josh Richter who showed an enormous amount of energy under Coach Williams’s urging from the sideline.   No surprise on offense here but Brandon Pettersen can light it up. He only made one 3, but seems as if he can score at will, after of course laying the wood on the cutters from the high post. Will McPhee seems to be the coal thrower again this year keeping this engine running from the point. He can drop bombs or dimes and finished with team high of 18 points.

G-Prep benefitted from a very good shooting night from Junior Logan Adams who sank six, count em’ 6! Three pointers! This kid has a quick release and surprised me as a “go to” player with a ton of “catch me if you can” attitude who could possibly lead the Bullpups to a league title. GPBP’s big man Braden Morse is a quiet one who plays hard, shows good footwork, and attacks the hoop when he has the ball in his hands. This kid is also a junior and will definitely be a factor in the run Prep will undoubtedly make this season. The freshmen sixth man, Devin Culp also exhibited a strong-willed game, handling pressure, snatching boards, and initiating offense as a 9th grader! Good luck league….



A sluggish start for the home team was induced by Coreen Labish’s commendable defense on Oti Gildon in the first quarter forcing three traveling violations and numerous missed shots with her positioning. She also had 3 blocks and played the MVP very well straight up. Although Labish and Sue Winger could not really get off one player did impress amidst the control of the defending champions spell. Amanda Chan who was filling in at the point guard for Peyton Douglas, played admirably against the likes of Laura Stockton and the feisty Tayler Drynam.  Amanda definitely did not back down from the challenge and showed a toughness and confidence that bodes well for the future of the Lady Panthers backcourt as she is only a sophomore!

On the G-Prep girls side of things, nothing surprised. They are as talented and tough as last year and once they found their stride there was no denying the overwhelming presence of talent they possess. Laura Stockton continues her rise as one of the best players in the inland northwest. She is simply amazing. Oti Gildon, after a slow start pretty much dominated the paint as usual, finishing with more post ups and layins than I can count.  She is so smooth underneath, its hard to believe she is still a high school ball player.  Tayler Drynam is a fire plug on the defensive end getting into everyone and forcing the action, its impressive. She is a little dart flying around deflecting passes and starting fast breaks, very fun to watch.  Prep will only have 2 or 3 challenges this season in league, so they are bound for another GSL title and deep State tourney run.

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