Spokane Area Boys Basketball- High Scorers 2014/15


This list was compiled to show off the high scorers for the 2015 high school season in Spokane and surrounding areas.  If you made this list you are an elite scorer, Congrats!

Dan Peone- Reardan–  41 points

Match Burnham- Liberty– 40 points

Brandon Rueben- Reardan– 37 points

Match Burnham- Liberty/Brandon Rueben- Reardan- 36 points

Ryan Ricks-NW Christian– 34 points

Nate Guske- Deer Park/ Will McPhee-Mead/ – 32 points

Ryan Maine- Freeman/ Cory Wagner- Medical Lake/Match Burnham-  31 points

Tyler Axtell-Riverside- 30/Match Burnham/Brandon Rueben-30 points

Match Burnham- Liberty/ Clay Flemming-Liberty/ Brandon Rueben-Reardan- 29 points

Robert Rucker-Rogers/Mike Ervin- Ferris/ Asher Cox- NWC– 28 points

Riley Smith-NC/ Logan Adams- G Prep-/ Tyler Axtell-Riverside/ Brandon Rueben-Reardan/ Match Burnham-Liberty- Cory Wagner- Med Lake-  27 points

Tellas Johnson- Med Lake/ Jake Phipps- Freeman/Jack Paukert- Freeman/ Ryan Ricks-NWC/Tyler Axtell- Riverside/ Match Burnham- 26 points





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  1. Shawna Ricks


    Thanks for covering the high school teams. Appreciate it!

    Sophomore Ryan Ricks of Northwest Christian had games of 34 and 26 points this year.

    Junior David Olds of Northwest Christian had a 25 point game.

    Asher Cox of NWC (with the 28 point game listed above) is a sophomore as well.

    • Reply

      thank you for that. An invite has been sent to Coach Ricks on Ryans behalf to participate in the one on one challenge at the High School All Star Saturday Night on March 28th!

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