CV @ G Prep- Basketball (Dec 12, 2015)


The Prep boys started this game strong owning the glass, and finding the loose balls and basically led the entire game.  It was competitive and fun to watch as both teams possess a serious amount of talent and show why they will be among the leagues leader in wins.  Prep had a very balanced game, moving the ball around and taking the open shots, very well coached tonight.  Who stood out???  Sam Lockette!  He gets his minutes because he works very hard on defense and when you combine that hard work with his athleticism, he’s a bothersome dude when he’s guarding you!  Lockette also proved to be a scorer by making a couple of very nice finishes at the rim including a three-point play.  Kea Vargas also continued his barrage of three pointers, stretching the defense and making them pay for letting him shoot the ball.  The counts wont be in for another month or so but I would bet he’s at the top of the list when it comes to the leagues 3pt shot makers!  Central Valley’s Josh Thomas stood out as a player who can and will do it all.  Offensively, he’s got a good outside game with a sense of space and time.  He can shoot the three and handle the ball. Inside he’s strong and functions with good footwork.  Defensively he battles and uses his quickness to make plays.  Hes a solid player for the Bears adding another weapon to go side by side with Tucker and Sloan and the rest of their sharp shooters.  The next time these teams play I see is as a closer event.  CAnt wait!


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