Pullman @ West Valley-Basketball (Jan 16, 2016)


West Valley was put to the test against undefeated Pullman tonight and came away with a great win.  The best game Ive been to this year!   I’ll start the reviews with mentioning that Brennen Folkins can shoot!  He just needs a little space, that’s it and he will shoot from out there!   His a big strong kid at 6-3 and with a stroke like that is dangerous.  Austin Yoakum is where it was at tonight!  The 6-3 lanky PG ran the offense without exception the entire game and handle the Pullman pressure very well.  Once the game got flowing you could see that he has a special game.  He’s lightning quick and knows has to get past the defender with ease and finish above the rim against “POST” players.  He finished this game scoring 8 of his 28 in OT and icing the game with 15 seconds to go with 4 straight free throws.  Pullman on the flip side gave me a chance to take a peak at the junior PG Tim Pendry.  He shows a ton of quickness himself and is a tough nosed defender always looking for the ball.  Jake Cillay their 6-5 Post is a versatile well-rounded player scoring inside and out with a lot of athleticism.  These two form a nice duo and will keep Pullman charging ahead into the depths of the playoffs.


West Valley has the advantage of having two players on the inside able and willing to get dirty, play physical, and have the ability to score.  The Sinner sisters of West Valley pose a threat to every team in the league due to their style of play.  Lily Sinner showed to be the more assertive offensively with quick moves and good passing ability.  She will go after all boards and gets off of the ground to snag them and once she has her hands on the ball, she will not let go.  Claire Sinner is more of an inside banger if you will.  She is a tough cookie that will fight for the ball and use her body and elbows for the possession win.  Claire also has nice form on her shot which Im sure she will be taking more of over the next year and a half.  Pullman has Madi Mueller who spent the whole game, being in the right spot at the right time and was able to fill the hoop numerous times.  This girl plays with an intense desire to rebound the ball and is very good at it.


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