U High @ Ferris- Basketball (Jan 15, 2016)


Ferris showed impressive resolve along with an underwhelming roller coaster effort in this game.  They started fine only to fall apart in the second quarter and then flying around in the third to make it close again, only to fall off and give up some crucial shots late get beat.  However Abby Meulheim again had a very dominant game scoring all over especially feeling it from deep.  A.M.  decided to drive to the basket this game and drew some fouls and imposed her will on the defense, which is always nice to see from a guard with her size and talent.  Kayla Sharp also showed why she was a frosh starter last year, breaking down defenders to find open scorers and putting in  a handful of buckets herself.  For University, they got their one-two punch working over time from Kaiti Pannell and Brooke Bailey.  These two are a true force when they are both hitting shots.  When I watch Bailey I think, why doesn’t she score more?  She looks like she can do whatever she wants but I’m sure she is smart enough and a good enough teammate to play within a team concept and do her best to play the role she is given, which is in no doubt being a leader and making sure the right things are happening on the court.  I’ve been waiting for Pannell to fire up 30 points this season and she almost got there tonight, bombing from deep.  She can do so many things on the court and has been proving her all around game for years it seems, which is a bad thing for us fans, as she is a senior.  Hopefully I get to watch more of these girls before the season is over.


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