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Hoop Scoop 2015/16


Five of the teams on the Boys’ side of the GSL are returning their top scorers (L.A.-Prep, K.J. Hassett-Rogers, Mike Ervin-Ferris, Riley Smith-NC, Isaiah Hernandez-LC).  However many teams are looking for a big jump in production from new players as there are as many underclassmen with legit college potential that has ever been seen in this league.  These are the guys I’m looking at to make a BIG impression this season.

Shamrock Campbell- Ferris.  So quick and crafty with the ball and a smart distributor.  He will be tough for any team to handle this season with one of the top scorers as a partner on the inside and a top 3 point shooter on the outside.  The point guard Sham-Rock will be able to wiggle his way into any play he wishes.

Devon Culp-  G Prep.  He will find himself on the top scorers list this season as a super athlete that has the skill to play any position on the court.

Andreas Brown- Shadle Park.  This could be the “Beast Year” for Brown.  He’s going to be the main scorer for a Shadle team that has very good guard play and a legit post player.  He can shoot, he can handle, and he can flat-out score.  Welcome DreBeast!

Spencer Dodd- Mead.  This kid looks like he can develop into a true monster for Mead with his energy, picking, rebounding, and finishing around the basket.  He’s not afraid of physical play and will take over for Petersen at that high post as a focul part of Meads system.

Naje’ Smith- LC.  Smith is going to be a terror this season in his second year as a sophomore.  He grew another 2 inches on an already freaky athletic frame.  The only thing keeping this kid from making everyone trying to check him look foolish is that he has a team full of studs and he wont get as many chances to shine as he could.  But then again he could be the player that those studs follow to the top of the league standings!



It is going to be a fun year on the girls half of the league.  With so many seniors gone that had held their teams torches for so long we are bound to get some new favorites to watch.  Here are my players of potential pandemonian performances.

Kaiti Pannell- U High.  My lone senior on the list for a couple of reasons.  Mostly because I predict a 30 point game from this flame throwing 3 point shooter to bring every witness out of their seats!

Atyzha Upton- Rogers.  With a new coach and a new style of play Upton will lead the new wave of Pirate purple.  She may be a little raw but she is athletic and has a ton of potential that will show improvement every game.  Before the season ends she will make her name known.

Kerynica Keyes- G Prep.  “Ker” is experienced, skilled and lightning fast as a newcomer to the wing for the lady Pups.  I envision her a great compliment to senior PG Drynan, getting many a steals and fast break lay-ups as a first year sophomore letter who will make an impact on both ends for a somewhat rebuilding Prep roster.

Willow Risinger- Shadle.  Willow will be the Rising-one this season for Shadle, now that the Carr has driven off campus.  She showed last year that she doesn’t back down to anyone and with another year of low post development and improved outside shooting, she will be a respected piece of the Highlander play.

Lexi Hull- CV.  “IF” you happened to overlook her the last year on the CV power house you will not be able to miss her this season.  She is 1 of 2 girls who I believe WILL lead the league in scoring this year now that the machine Madison Hovren has joined the Army.  This Hull sister is swift and deadly from everywhere on the wood.  Look out league, you have a new scoring gun!

Tell us who you think we missed.


HS Hoops All Star Saturday Night 2015

ALLSTARSIGNThe first High School basketball All Star Saturday night showed the skills of 23 players from 14 area schools including- 4 from Deer Park, 3 from Rogers, 3 from Northwest Christian, 2 from LC, 2 from Wellpinit, U High, North Central, Newport, Lakeside, Mt Spokane, Springdale, Medical Lake, East Valley, and St George’s!

The gym at East Central Community Center proved to be the perfect venue for the event as the spectators filled in the bleachers to watch the Girls Shooting Stars competition.  Michaela Kay, senior guard from LC who has previously committed to play at Portland State got it started and did not disappoint, setting the bar high with a score of 96.  Scores were determined from a combination of made shots and the “94fifty” sensor ball PartchnKayand app, which measures the shooters arc, rotation, and shot release speed to CHEERdetermine the best “pure shooter” in the bunch.  Six girls competed including Jael and Damaris Guske, freshmen sharp shooting sisters from Deer Park, Jocelyn Cook-Cox from Lakeside who was the NE-A League MVP leading Lakeside girls, boasting All-State honors and finishing third in the competition.  The finals came down to Courtney Gray from Northwest Christian who finished her senior year as a first team All League selection, getting hot and pushing our champion Kaiti Pannell of University in the final round.  Pannell had a streak of 7 in a row from the top of the key that contributed to a top score of 120 paving the way for the first ever Girls Shooting Star.PanneellChamp


On the boys side we had nine competitors firing away for the rights to become the inaugural Shooting Star.  John Lynch of Springdale, sniper Carter Countryman of Deer Park, soph leadng scorer Cedric Bowen and freshmen Brandon Flett of Wellpinit, top dogs Ryan Ricks and David Olds of NW Christian, Isiah Wynecoop and Denzel Brantley of the 3A state qualifying team from Rogers, and our eventual Champion John Lyon who made the trip down from Newport.  SHOOTINGSTAR FINALSThis competition was very tight until the round of ten shots from the top of the key where 6 players were in the hunt for the final championship round.  Carter Countryman, Ryan Ricks, and Isaih Wynecoop, unfortunately had their lowest score from this spot eliminating them and Denzel Brantley scored a 108 which was not enough to overcome the eventual finalists.  David Olds shot a 118 making 8 of ten and John Lyon also matching his 8 of 10 but had a slightly higher shooting score of 121, which is the highest of the competition.  John Lyon kept his stroke going in the last frame hitting 7/10 scoring 112 for the trophy.RYANRICKS

The final event was the boys one on one competition being best described as a modified version of “cut throat”.  Each possession started with an offensive player receiving a pass outside of the three-point line from the  game official and a new defensive player rotating in after each possession.  If the offense score they received 2 or 3 points depending on where the shot was from.  If the defense made a stop, they received 1 or 2 points depending on the play (defensive rebound was 1 point, a steal block/rebound, or charge taken were all worth 2 points).  allStar lineupThe eight players were given a maximum amount of offensive possessions (10) and a minimum amount (3) in the first round.  Felix Tsai of St Georges started the rotation versus Rogers defensive specialist Tate Dunbar.  Tsai made a shot fake dribble, step back and nailed the games first three-pointer!  Nate Guske of Deer Park who averaged 19 points a game for an all NE-A first team spot was in next rotating in on defense against Tsai and made the stop, he then proceeded to the top of the key to receive the pass to go against the next defender who was East FLETTSHOOTINGValley’s super athlete Dante Clayton.  Clayton made the stop pitting him against Kyle Griffiths of MT Spokane.  Clayton scored bringing on the next defender Julian Welge of LC, known to be the Tigers best one on one player.  Clayton was bogged down and Welge won the possession.  Next up was North Central’s leader and point guard Riley Smith to take on Welge’s offensive game but quickly made a stop and a three ball against his defender Jaelon Stith the 2nd teamer from Medical LakeRileyvsTateAt the end of the 1st round Felix Tsai and Riley Smith both had 15 points, Tate Dunbar had 13 and Jaelon Stith came on late with 9 graduating to the finals round.  Felix Tsai won the first possession and scored on his first three tries totally 7 points and getting a much-needed lead as the players were in full go mode by now. Tsai scored on 6 of his 10 possessions again maxing out on offense, while Smith scored 3 of 6 for a total of 9 points.  Tate Dunbar scored on 3 of 5 Felixscoringpossessions totaling 8. The biggest player at 6-3, Stith used his size to score more efficiently sensing that the prizes were on the line and finished the last round with 11, second behind Tsia.  The Dragon from St George’s dominated the games with all kinds of up fakes, crossovers, and CP3 jitter bug quickness for 15 points to become Catch Spokane’s First All Star Saturday Night One on One Champion!

Overall it was a good event with a decent turnout,  competitive players, and amazing volunteers!  We look forward to some changes for next year and hope to see you back next Spring for the second Catch Spokane High School All Star Saturday Night! felix1v1champ



Spokane Area Girls Basketball – High Scorers 2014/15

fireOn this list are the top scorers in the area.  These  girls were consistently lights out!

Christine Denny- Liberty– 38 points

Madison Hovren- CV–  34 points

Riley Lupfer- LC/ Madison Hovren-CV- 33 points

Christine Denny-Liberty/ Madison Hovren-CV- 32 points

Oti Gildon- G Prep/ Madison Hovren- CV/ Christine Denny- Liberty- 31 points

Christine Denny- Liberty- 30 points

Hannah Burland- EV/ Maddie Johnson- Reardan/ Hailey Higashi-St Georges– 29 points

Madison Hovren-CV/ Oti Gildon-G Prep/ Maddie Johnson-Reardan- 28 points

Megan Lee-Colville/ Hannah Burland-EV/Christine Denny-Liberty/ Hailey Higashi-St Georges- 27 points

Shyla Carr-ShadleCece Bergquist-St Georges/ Meika Heath-Davenport/ Oti Gildon-G Prep/ Hailey Higashi-StG- 26 points

Madelynne Flaig- Liberty/ Issabelle Miller- Freeman/ Hannah Burland- EV/ Oti Gildon-G Prep/ Cece Bergquist- StG- 25 points

Girls Basketball Logo Design of Basketball Silhouettes Clipart Image


U High @ Mead Basketball – Jan 2, 2015

The games were split 3-3, all very close as suspected.


Mead’s girls JV team is a solid group.   I watched them earlier in the season hold off G Prep and today they had another test against University who is equally as strong.  They held on to win behind Maddie Lee(freshmen) who led the way for her squad, showing her solid and controlled game at the point.  She scored when she needed to and didn’t force the action too much on offense, obviously something her and the coaches are working on.  Lindsay Russell, one of Mead’s upcoming triple threat (she is part of a set of triplets that are freshmen) has good size and a nice outside shot also showed well in this game.  University ladies played very well and could have easily won this match.  They were paced by a group of freshmen.  Courtney Awberry– a shooter and playmaker on both ends.  She knocked down some spot up threes and made a handful of steals in the fourth quarter to keep this game close.  Gracie Dwyer– a post with knowledge and leadership, and Sierra Apodaca, who was fast and tough, just like the varsity PG Emma Kennedy.


Game of the night!  U high came out and was all over Mead, forcing turnovers and scoring underneath with #32 Campbell Barrington(freshmen).  This kid is going to be good, he showed a scoring ability down low, seems to be pretty athletic, and uses his size to rebound.  Elijah Ramirez is lightning quick and loves to handle the rock with shifty crossovers behind the back. He raced up and down the court all game and could develop into a solid point guard.  The Titan were up 6-8 point all game until the fourth quarter when Mead came back with a 3 point assault and tied the game on Chase Boss’s triple with 3 seconds left in regulation to send the game into over time.  Let me tell you this kid can play!  He was EVERYWHERE in this game and Id bet he had 5 steals in the second half alone.  It was fun watching he and Ramirez sprint down the court every possession.  Boss forced this game to go into overtime with steals and the three and helped put it away in OT, with timely defensive plays (a charge) and multiple set ups for his shooters to knock down threes to pull away.


The Titans dominated the Panther boys with the constant offensive pressure of #22 Brady Brinkman and #23 Tate O’Kert.  They both spent the gamer attacking the basket finishing layups and shooting free throws.  Their energetic pace and attacking of the rim was good to see at this level as so many players are timid and afraid to play so intense on offense, afraid to make mistakes.  Mead showed some fight from the PG position as #11 played hard and made some plays to keep it close and the big man owning the high post,  #25 Orom Opien, showed good fundamentals on the block and the sense that he will grow and develop as a bruising scorer in the years to come.


The Mead girls held on to win a one point game against the undefeated Lady Titan group.  It was a game that showed how these girls can score and how it can go if the other team can’t finish at the rim.  Setting the tone for Mead was Olivia Sloan who from the get go was in a scoring frenzy hitting 2 threes in the first quarter and also lacked no confidence in her basketball abilities whatsoever.  She will definitely be someone to watch at Mead for the next 3 years.  Sarah Wilson was the next in line to show the goods, she is fun to watch and generally makes the right play without a lot of flash, just solid fundamentals at the guard position.  For the University Lady Titans it was a tough night but not one that failed to show the talent they posses as a class.  There were 3 girls I noticed that seemed to show a lot of experience and ability.  Ill start with the point- Mo Woods, she runs the show with strong ball handling and an ability to raise her game and score when needed.  The wing- Kailey Sanford is a smooth lefty that has a good shot and can run the court with the best freshmen around.  Lastly, the post- Elena Rhodes, this girl has the heart of a lion and does not own an ounce of “give up” in her DNA.  She was on the floor half of the game and ripping the rebounds away from Mead the other half.  She is not afraid to shoot from the outside and has some good footwork down low.  The combination of these 3 players will in no doubt keep the U High girls program rising to the top.


This game was controlled by U High from start to finish.  The girls forced a ton of turnovers as Mead tried 4 different point guards and they used clock on offense to get good shots.  A well-played game for the visitors.  This being my first time watching them this season, something that really stood out was the advancement of Kaity Pannell’s game this year.  KP has developed the confidence to shoot and make three pointers and attack the basket with a scorers mentality this season.  Combine that with her sound court presence it makes for a very good player as a junior.  Emma Kennedy did what she always does, hold tempo and make the right pass for her scorers.  Brooke Bailey  has the swagger of an all around talent.  The other player I cant fail to mention is Josie Wicklund.  She plays hard-nosed defense and got into the lane a handful of times and scored with pull up jumpers.  She looks to be a very capable floor leader.  Mead also showed some new faces tonight aside from the usualls-(Winger, Pauling, Douglas)  and without Coreen LabishSydney Hellmen played denial defense on Bailey and kept her in check for most of the game.  It was impressive to watch the way she fought through screens and stuck to the scorer, keeper her to a low point total.   Alyse Jackson got off some shots and as a sophomore I see a lot of treys in the crystal ball for her.


After a hot start I thought Mead might be coming into their own after the break ready to make a run at the top of the league.  Unfortunately for them, that is all it was.  Max Hess had a good night scoring as he nailed threes to start. What I liked most was that throughout the game he was very active offensively posting up off of the UCLA cuts they run.  He could have scored even more with his mindset to attack tonight but the passes just didn’t seem to get to him as U High played with a lot of intensity on defense. Bobby Little made me smile as I got to see him down low using his size to score a couple of easy hoops.  He has a nice game and in too many cases seems to settle for the outside shot with that shooters touch under his control.  Austin Dill continues to get better and seems bigger this season and Garrett Schmerer is under rated or over looked… cant figure this one out…for his contributions to the surprising Titans.

Whos Next?

Girls 3 Point Leaders

grl 3Girls GSL REG Season  “Three Ball” Leaders-

  1. Hannah Caudill, G Prep-  51
  2. Jill Louthian, Ferris-  44
  3. Kaley Lenhart, Ferris-  43
  4. Delaney Junkermier, Mead-  36
  5. Shyla Carr, SP-  35
  6. 6T-Lindsay Lee, LC-  29
  7. 6T-Ashlee Pedersen, MS-  29
  8. 8T-Kayla Leiland, G Prep-  27
  9. 8T- Brianna King, NC-  27
  10. Sarah Guertin, Rogers-  26


* THRU Jan 17th games

  1. Hannah Caudill, G Prep-  31
  2. Brianna King, NC / Jill Louthain, Ferris-  27
  3. Kaley Lenhart, Ferris, 26
  4. Delany Junkermier, Mead-  23
  5. Shyla Carr, Shadle / Lindsay Lee, LC-  20
  6. Michaela Kay, LC-  19
  7. Kayla Leiland, G Prep, 16
  8. McKenzie Peterson, U High / Kristin Hunter, Rogers-  15