Hoop Scoop 2015/16


Five of the teams on the Boys’ side of the GSL are returning their top scorers (L.A.-Prep, K.J. Hassett-Rogers, Mike Ervin-Ferris, Riley Smith-NC, Isaiah Hernandez-LC).  However many teams are looking for a big jump in production from new players as there are as many underclassmen with legit college potential that has ever been seen in this league.  These are the guys I’m looking at to make a BIG impression this season.

Shamrock Campbell- Ferris.  So quick and crafty with the ball and a smart distributor.  He will be tough for any team to handle this season with one of the top scorers as a partner on the inside and a top 3 point shooter on the outside.  The point guard Sham-Rock will be able to wiggle his way into any play he wishes.

Devon Culp-  G Prep.  He will find himself on the top scorers list this season as a super athlete that has the skill to play any position on the court.

Andreas Brown- Shadle Park.  This could be the “Beast Year” for Brown.  He’s going to be the main scorer for a Shadle team that has very good guard play and a legit post player.  He can shoot, he can handle, and he can flat-out score.  Welcome DreBeast!

Spencer Dodd- Mead.  This kid looks like he can develop into a true monster for Mead with his energy, picking, rebounding, and finishing around the basket.  He’s not afraid of physical play and will take over for Petersen at that high post as a focul part of Meads system.

Naje’ Smith- LC.  Smith is going to be a terror this season in his second year as a sophomore.  He grew another 2 inches on an already freaky athletic frame.  The only thing keeping this kid from making everyone trying to check him look foolish is that he has a team full of studs and he wont get as many chances to shine as he could.  But then again he could be the player that those studs follow to the top of the league standings!



It is going to be a fun year on the girls half of the league.  With so many seniors gone that had held their teams torches for so long we are bound to get some new favorites to watch.  Here are my players of potential pandemonian performances.

Kaiti Pannell- U High.  My lone senior on the list for a couple of reasons.  Mostly because I predict a 30 point game from this flame throwing 3 point shooter to bring every witness out of their seats!

Atyzha Upton- Rogers.  With a new coach and a new style of play Upton will lead the new wave of Pirate purple.  She may be a little raw but she is athletic and has a ton of potential that will show improvement every game.  Before the season ends she will make her name known.

Kerynica Keyes- G Prep.  “Ker” is experienced, skilled and lightning fast as a newcomer to the wing for the lady Pups.  I envision her a great compliment to senior PG Drynan, getting many a steals and fast break lay-ups as a first year sophomore letter who will make an impact on both ends for a somewhat rebuilding Prep roster.

Willow Risinger- Shadle.  Willow will be the Rising-one this season for Shadle, now that the Carr has driven off campus.  She showed last year that she doesn’t back down to anyone and with another year of low post development and improved outside shooting, she will be a respected piece of the Highlander play.

Lexi Hull- CV.  “IF” you happened to overlook her the last year on the CV power house you will not be able to miss her this season.  She is 1 of 2 girls who I believe WILL lead the league in scoring this year now that the machine Madison Hovren has joined the Army.  This Hull sister is swift and deadly from everywhere on the wood.  Look out league, you have a new scoring gun!

Tell us who you think we missed.


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