The REAL season

starI want to hear what you do during the off-season and away from school teams.  Most of the “good stuff” is not even reported.  People don’t know what you’re doing because nobody in Spokane covers it.  Tell me so I can tell everyone else!

  • Who do you train with?
  • What other teams are you affiliated with?
  • What awards have you won?
  • What’s the highest level you’ve played individually?
  • best game?
  • best move?
  • most clutch play?

Give me some stories Ladies and Gents.  I’m here to get to know you as well as promote you!  We want Spokane to be a hotbed of college recruits!  Get everyone playing at the next level!  I can keep it anonymous or be your cheerleader, you tell me.  Either email me directly or fill out the form.  Let’s get the word out together!




Showing off the high school sports stars of Spokane.

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