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How would you describe yourself to a college coach? Be honest. Are you a hard worker? Reliable? Do details matter to you? How about in the classroom? Would you consider yourself a good student? What would your teachers say about you? How about your coaches? Your teammates? Who are you?

As a recruit, it matters how you answer these questions. In fact, it matters a lot! Do you really want to play in college? Well, I’ve got news for you: it’s going to take more than some physical talent, to play at the next level. Much more. Sure, physical talent might get you noticed. But, if you want to put on a college uniform someday, it’s all about character!

Players involved in our programs know that we are constantly preaching characteristics that go beyond the court or field of play because it can make or break your future playing college athletics. Give us a call!

2017 Summer Select League Pre Season Primer

Catch Spokane presents, East Central Community Center Hosts… The Select Summer Basketball League. (Click for league site)

Initially created for home for the summer college players so they can have a highly competitive league in which to play during July and August. In this league players are not only given teams that will be as equally matched as possible but they will be exposed to new relationships in order to guide signing or transferring schools and prolonging collegiate careers and who knows possibly professional realities. “Networking is a large part of success in life and why not give the local basketball players the same tools in their possible field of work?” says Catch Spokane Director and East Central Community Center Athletic and Recreation Director. The league boasts players from the high school potential recruits up to current “over-seas” professional players. These higher level players are said to be part of the growing process for the younger players and to help them succeed playing against bigger, stronger, more experienced men. “Sometimes its frustrating to the kids but they are constantly reminded of how much it will help them later on, even by us”, quoted a referee that helps with the league’s vision.

Players also get a chance to be involved in the league by supporting the process of all that goes into managing a league like this. In these leagues players have access to game stats on a mobile app and website through Wooter, access to full game videos on the Catch Spokane You Tube channel as well as the ability to view any pictures or videos that are individually uploaded by players and fans, through the Wooter app and league website.

Matt Pigg is an example of a player that is as dependable and reliable for his team on the court, scoring and rebounding as he is to the organization keeping stats and cleaning up after games. Matt also helps run the score clock and video camera, in order to play games with minimum or no fees. That is part of the culture at East Central Community Center, everybody is involved and part of the rising of the new direction of the community center.

Community partners like Numerica Credit Union, All Star Sports Photography, Protein Puck, Wooter, and Moca Creations have been great additions to this year’s league sponsorship lineup. They are helping with the custom uniforms players will get to wear, action photos of games, and the ability for the league to branch out and connect players with resources to better the experience of a typical basketball league. These partners have also made it possible so the “struggling college student” can afford to play in a very detailed and professionally ran league with the sponsorships allowing the current college players to only pay half price!

Now lets talk about the teams and their players a little bit. The East Central Gold team was put together by Spokane networking giant and basketball giant, Andre Ervin. Andre has put together a team that he says is highly versatile and defensive minded. Players attached to this system include “superman” Brady Bagby who is from West Valley High School, Spokane CC, and then played 2 years at Lewis/Clark State College. Brady was Co-MVP of the Recruit League final we had during the Spring and is one of the most competitive players in the city who can do it all. They also have four players 6′-5″ or taller and six of the eight players have played up to atleast the college level. Matt Pigg, Dan Anderson, Daniel G, Matt Garcia, Jesse Hendersen, John Focht, and John Lynch round out the team.

Former Rogers High School stand out and Montana St-Northern college hooper Jesse Vaughan has put together a solid group for the Numerica CU team. This squad has size, shooting, and youth. Of the eight players including- Joseph Bodman (Regis University), Alfie Miller (Montans St-Northern) Will Stensgar(NW Indian College), Zach Nelson(Shoreline CC), Alex Allison(Shoreline CC), and Tre Boyd, they have 7 with college experience and will be a tough team to beat as they also have alot of time playing together at various schools.


The Catch Spokane All Stars will be running out a team headlined by Matt Brunell who is a local gone pro success story. His main role, other than being a force in the paint, is to help these younger players develop and provide a steady source of professionalism… and jokes. This exciting and stacked squad will have Levi Taylor- LC Tiger, SCC /NWACC MVP, David Kielian- a super shooter from Othello, Jacob Vargas- solid big man from the Tri Cities who played at SCC with Levi and is on his way to Walla Walla U, Denzel Brantley- Rogers HS and eventual college player still looking for his shot at a roster, Ryan Ricks- former NW Christian state B champ who will be headed to Northwest U in Kirkland, Austin Dill from University HS and currently playing at William Jessup U in CA. This train is going to be conducted by the ultra competitive point guard Ahbrae Harvey who played 2 seasons at SCC but most impressively with the ES Elite squad that has been dominating Spokane basketball leagues for years.

A NO NAME team partially put together by Everett CC bound Markieth Brown, University HS coaches, and league organizers will be another tough out with large amounts of shooting and youth. Josh Hager former U High player and current Walla Walla U sharp shooter, Ray Erwin who was once an East Central elite 3v3 league 4 time champion who played at Greys Harbor, plays anywhere anytime. Himo Bajramovic who is a recent graduate of Lewis and Clark and is looking for his chance to play at the next level. An East Valley High School duo, both headed to Blue Mountain CC next season, Jeremiah Hillard and Treyshaun Bracey, bring some more young legs and scoring punch. Post players Kenny Chandler and Lucas Evans give them some size to defend and even more athleticism, both known for their dunking ability. This team will be fun to watch as they take on the “experienced” teams.

Following that up with another young team of current college players and post high school hoopers is the squad from Medical Lake (mostly). Jaelon Stith, two-time All League performer from Medical Lake and most recently Skagit Valley CC brings with him fellow Cardinals- Donte Brown (Big Bend CC), Cole Soliday, Kevin Broadnax, Ethan Mendoza, Tyler H.   Cheney stud Jamiel Worthem and former West Valley guard and current Wenatchee Valley CC player Austin Yoakum, who is predicted to bring down the house with some serious jams, make up the roster. We should see some fireworks from this crew.


Another former pro (and Hoopfest Elite Champion) Bryan Rabas brings in a tough bunch with a combination of experience, versatility, and scoring. Just pick your poison with Integrity Spokane. Corey Allen(Former Hoopfest Elite Champion), Craig Hanson (Current Hoopfest Elite Champion), Anthony Brown(Shadle Park and Eastern Oregon throw back baller), Robert “Big Shot Rob” Lipman (NW Christian and Big Bend CC), the SCC players turned coaches duo of Eric Holbrook and Taylor Peterson, along with another long range 3 point shooter Zach Renner. This team will have nights where they will hit 20 NBA three pointers, watch out.

The Ballaholics which is a name known in the area as a group of all league players from Whitworth University.  They will definitely be vying for the title of Summer Select League Champs. Ross Nakamura who was an all league guard recently, has brought in teammates Dustin McConnel, Colton McGargar, and current EWU Asst Mens coach David Riley. Joining this dangerous foursome is Spokane’s perennial hoop league MVP and former Everett CC baller Dominique McClendon from ES Elite. This is going to be fun to see how he will blend all the same scoring, grit, hustle, shooting, toughness, and all around play he possesses, in with this group of already very accomplished and just purely good ball players. I cannot forget to mention do all and anything players like Mack Larkin, Kevin Bond, and Jacob Evans who give them a very, very solid team.

Lastly we have an always competitive team worthy of a spot in the Final put together by former University Titan and Spokane Community College shooting machine Jared Miller. Players for the ALL STAR SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY team includes former Zags- Rem Bakamus and Mike Hart. Fellow Titans- Cameron Chase, Zech Martin, Zach Bruce(EWU football),and Seth Morgan along with Caleb Spencer and Tanner Brill.


Games start Thursday June 29th.

6pm game- Numerica vs Catch Spokane

7pm game- East Central Gold vs Ballaholics

8pm game- Medical Lake vs Integrity Spokane

9pm game- No Name vs All Star Sports Photo

So follow along on WOOTER – “Summer Select League”  for schedules and stats and be sure to check the games in person for free at East Central Community Center. Follow Catch Spokane Sports on the various social media channels as well as Catch Spokane You Tube.

Jacob Wiley- All American, NBA draft Prospect- Truly Inspirational. 

This is blowing us away at Catch Spokane!

 A kid who showed up half way through our first 3 on 3 league three years ago on a team spot on dubbed,  “Secret Weapon”, came in dunking on people straight from Missoula Montana…. 😳. He decided to jump on board with us and help some local Spokane high school players in a small selective camp of kids who were young, varsity players with requested work that needed to be done according to their coaches that we called August BOOST clinics.  Jake stepped up and not only showed them what the next level D-1 athlete looked like as a player but how a 19 year old could be mature, mature enough to teach 15 and 16 year olds without a stuttered word.  We knew Jake was special at that moment in 2014.  SIDE NOTE- Jake planted the seed and begged us for a Spokane Summer League for college players during this time

Fast forward… Now in 2016, while at Lewis & Clark State College and claiming NAIA ALL AMERICAN awards, he helped out our new developing summer league here in Spokane at East Central Community Center where he played AAU ball a few years prior and new the history of the center.  He proceeded to lead a group of current and soon to be college players in a great come from behind victory over some of Spokane’s best adult hoopers, including Gonzaga’s Angel Nunez and SCC and NWAAC MVP Levi Taylor.  In the final seconds, he called a timeout and brought the team together on the sidelines to devise an inbounds play. This moment not only announced his obvious future in coaching but showed, more impressively his intelligence towards the game and his lack of ego when it came to winning the game for the Catch Spokane Recruits. He DID NOT get the last shot. He planned the play to use himself as a decoy and draw a double team in order to open up the teams best mid range shooter (Will Tender of Spokane’s St. George’s HS and Redlands college) who buried the shot!  

After that game he continued to climb the life ladder having a daughter, moving up to EWU, helping kids and local players have great experiences with him on and off the court


and ending the season as we all know by now as the Nation’s surprising BIG SKY MVP and Honorable Mention NCAA ALL AMERICAN, getting married and now to NBA DRAFT GEM!?!?!? 

We know the fire that burns inside and the “Secret” that the NBA scouts are finally getting to see! The story is even more astounding when you are looking from the outside on in and believe what you’ve seen on film, in games, that Jake is a Post player… He played 4 years of the 4/5 spot because the bigs on his teams either got hurt or he was asked to play out of position due to his versatility, knowledge, selflessness, and athleticism. Did you notice that  “athleticism” is listed last? Athleticism, being what most people notice with Jake, is his 5th greatest trait.

FIRE, is his #1 trait.  This is what burns inside of Jake.  He can’t work hard enough or long enough.  He can’t be outdone.  He won’t let up on loose balls.  He won’t jog when a sprint is demanded.  Jake will not quit!  His passion and FIRE has allowed him to leap mountains and wrangle Titans and become an NBA prospect. 

Jacob Wiley is a man that gets life more than the typical “entitled” young man of today’s generation and he has CHOSEN and WORKED to become what he 100% believes he can be!  We are proud to call him part of the Catch Spokane family! Go get it Jake!

Recruiting AH-HA #44

Another reason that you may get by-passed by college coaches is the lack of community service. All things being equal, grades & game, then the one who has the right attitude and character, gets the roster spot and scholarship. Community service is how a college coach judges your character, because after all he really does not know who you are. There is a reason why  professional players like NBA and WNBA are doing it, it looks good and its good for the soul.

Did you know that we offer lots of community service opportunities?  Even better for the athlete is that we have a lot of sports and recreation volunteer projects that can be fulfilled by the potential recruits and used on college resumes.  Let us know if you would be interested in helping the community.




Recruiting reality. Why you need Catch Spokane.

I know I’m a great player. Why aren’t coaches
walking into my high school to sign me senior year?
Most colleges today are cutting recruiting budgets, adding recruiting
questionnaires on their websites, and focusing more on showcases and
tournaments. Most coaches do not have the resources to visit potential recruits at
their high schools anymore. It’s extremely easy for an athlete to be overlooked by
college coaches who have thousands of athletes to scout and hundreds of potential
venues. College coaches don’t read local newspapers and most don’t attend high school games. Only the
top 3% of high school athletes are truly “discovered.” The other 97% need to market themselves to coaches
and be pro-active in the process.  Catch Spokane shows you how to do this effectively.

*article from The NHHEAF Network Organizations’
Center for College Planning

Great Article for future college players(link)

Every young basketball player dreams of playing college basketball on the big stage, competing for or against the schools they grew up watching. We idolize these college athletes and watch their games almost as intently as we watch the pros.

Fortunately, I was able to reach the Division One level and compete against some of those schools and many NBA players. College was by far the best time of my life and I had some amazing experiences, but there are a few things I wish I would have known before getting there.


I can remember the excitement I first had when college coaches were sending me letters everyday. Then it progressed into handwritten notes, phone calls, attending games, house visits and then official visits. The whole process is amazing for a young athlete and it is the first time you start to truly see your hard work pay off.

The side of the business most don’t realize is that recruiting is sales. Coaches are selling you on their school with every piece of ammunition they possibly have. If that means showing you the best part of campus, only revealing the best statistics or going so far to promise you playing time. It’s all one long sell.

This leads to players committing to schools without the right knowledge ahead of time and having to transfer soon after. A recent study stated that 40% of players who attend a college out of high school end up transferring by the end of their sophomore year.

Athletes get swept off their feet because they are often not told the true facts about the school and/or they don’t ask the right questions before committing. Some questions might be:


  • What is the four-year plan while I am here?

  • What has the transfer rate been while this coaching staff was present?

  • How many players in my position are you looking to bring in this year and next?

  • What kind of offensive and defense will you be running?

Don’t be afraid to dive into their program because trust me they have read every stat, talked to many people and compared you to a ton of athletes before showing interest. It is a business deal at the end of the day, make sure you want them just as much as they want you before signing.  Let us help You!



When you think of basketball competition at the college level, you automatically assume the opposing teams. Yes, everyone can shoot, pass, dribble and dunk or else they wouldn’t be there. Athletes fail to realize how stiff the competition is going to be even on your own team.

Think about it, if you are the best player in your school, district and region, your competition so far hasn’t been very stiff. Now you’re going to compete against players every single day who have the same accolades as you and just as good for their area of the country. Any given day a teammate can get the best of you so you have to be ready to go full tilt day in and day out.

Many players are never heard from again at the college level because they could not find a way to get quality minutes for their own team. The success you had in high school does not mean a thing when you step on the court against your teammates in practice.

Another aspect athletes forget is the next recruiting class coming behind them. In college nothing is guaranteed past one year. Your scholarship is only guaranteed for a year and if you earn a spot for the season that too can be taken the following year.  Your job is to develop your basketball skills each year and become better than the previous season.

Each year brings a new batch of recruits that are looking to take your spot playing college basketball and every other veteran on the team as well. Be ready to show your skills at the highest level every day and every year before every stepping in front of an opponent.


Time Management

Probably the biggest key to success in playing college basketball is utilizing your time management correctly. Normal students are told: “You have school, sleep and a social life. You can only pick two.” In true college student fashion they try to incorporate all three only to inevitable sacrifice sleep at some point or another.

Athletes on the other hand have weights, class, practice, study hall, homework, social life, eating correctly, traveling, film and sleep. Not to mention games and all of the preparation that goes into that as well. A typical day may look something like this:

  • 5am – Wake Up
  • 5:30am – 6:45am- Weights
  • 7am- Breakfast
  • 7:30am- 9am- Nap
  • 9:15am- 12pm – Class
  • 12:15pm – Lunch
  • 1pm – 4pm – Practice
  • 5pm – 6:15pm – Class
  • 7pm – 9pm – Study Hall
  • 9:30pm – Dinner

That is not including extra practice on your game, an increase in class work during midterms and finals week or your beloved social life. If you want to be successful in college it is vital you use your time management wisely to enhance your performance on and off the court.

In order to stay on the right track make sure you are in constant communication with your coaches, professors and advisors. Their jobs are to help you, use them as much as possible and watch the workload get a bit easier with every semester that goes by.


Your Coach

Your Boss. Your Mentor. Your Trainer. Your Guardian. Your Leader. Your Head Coach.

Something to understand about a Head Coaching position is the amount of work they had to go through to get that job. Many coaches were assistants for 10+ years traveling all over the country, working for many different programs just to slowly rise in the rankings in hopes they will get the chance to run a program one day. It is not easy to become the Head Coach of a college team and the salary these men and women receive reflects that.

With that being said, players must understand these coaches have not only been doing this job for a very long time, but they have also paid many dues to run the program under their carefully honed leadership. To think you are going to step on campus and make the program your own is a long shot. In college the game is much more structured than you ever could imagine and the demand to do what the head coach wants is far greater than it is in high school.

In order to become the player you want to be you must first become the player the coach wanted you to be.

During the recruiting process they will lay out a vision for how they say your skill set fitting in their system. From the very first day in practice do whatever it takes to become that player. Be a coachable basketball player.  The better you get at your role, the more freedom you will receive to branch outside of that.

I have seen lockdown defenders become 3-point specialist just by doing their job and being prepared for another opportunity when it presented itself. It is quite simple, the more time you can buy yourself on the floor the more opportunity you will have to showoff your skills.

At the end of the day your head coach makes all of the decisions. It would be in your best interest to make sure you both are on the same page when it comes to his expectations and that you follow those guidelines every chance you get.


Closing Thoughts

Playing college basketball is amazing. There is no better feeling than stepping on the court with thousands of raging students yelling your name as you play the game you love and then having them recognizing you in class the next day.

The bond you make with teammates throughout the years will last a lifetime and the memories you make together will never be forgotten. It will be the best time of your life, but first you must take the necessary steps to ensure you get the most out of every single moment to optimize your experience playing college basketball.


player_brown_dj-e1469227347969Derek Brown is a former D1 point guard at San Jose State and Texas State.  He has served hundreds of ambitious basketball players as a basketball trainer and also as an AAU basketball coach.  Derek is a contributing writer to leading basketball blogs across the nation.  


Catch Spokane Recruit Team- update

Launch Season FlyerAs of 3/27/2016 after 3 games against some stiff competition, the boys are holding their own and learning how to play a mans game!  The latest game was a close 66-56 loss to the Unforgiven Lounge team boasting players like Anthony Brown(former Shadle and WSU player) and last years GSL MVP Melik Hampton (Rogers).  Brown dropped 22 and Hampton 23, including a swat of former Pirate teammate and GSL leading scorer KJ Hassett (KJ is looking forward to the re match).

For Catch Spokane, KJ led the way with 16 while Jaelon Stith had 10 points, 13 rebounds.  GAME HIGHLIGHTS HERE

Next game vs East Central CC, Sunday April 3, at 4pm

Team Leaders thru 3 games

KJ HASSETT18.3 ppg, 4 reb, 3.7 ast, 1 stl, .7 blk, 0/0 FT

JOHN LYNCH III–  9.3 ppg, 3 reb, 3.3 ast, 1.7 stl, 0 blk, 3/4 FT

JAELON STITH–  10.7 ppg, 9.3 reb, 0ast, 1 stl, o blk, 3/8 FT

TYLER IRISH–  6.3 ppg, 3.3 reb, .7 ast, 1.7 stl, .3 blk, 1/1 FT

VAUGHN HANDLE–  13 ppg, 5.5 reb, .5 ast, .5 stl, 1 blk, 0/0 FT

AUSTIN YOAKUM–  0 ppg, 3 reb, 2 ast, 1 stl, o blk, 0/0

DENZEL BRANTLEY–  13.5 ppg, 3 reb, 1.5 ast, 1.5 stl, 0 blk, 7/9 FT

DANE SIMPSON–  3 ppg, 3 reb, 0 ast, 1 stl, 0 blk, 0/0 FT

Catch Spokane- Recruit Basketball Team

catchspokane benchSelect high school players were put on a team to compete against some of the cities best players at East Central Community Center and the first installment of The Love League, a Men’s Elite basketball league.    The players chosen all have college potential and are either signed to play next year or are still weighing their options at what the future holds for their hoop dreams.  The purpose of this team is to prep the players for a faster paced, more physical style of play that will be more related to the college game and to increase the players networking opportunities as a lot of the other teams have former players from various colleges, with various connections at the collegiate level.  The games are filmed, edited, and produced into highlight clips with a full menu of statistics being recorded along with commentary from some highly respected local hoop heads-Michael Bethely and Dashawn Bedford.  It provides a great add on to any recruiting efforts these athletes are enduring.

Our roster consists of 8 players- KJ Hassett(Rogers), Austin Yoakum(West Valley), John Lynch(Springdale, Presentation College bound), Jaelon Stith(Medical Lake), Vaughn Handel(Lewis & Clark), Denzel Brantley(Rogers), Tyler Irish(Deer Park), and Rashawn Lemery(North Central).

After two games the boys are 0-2 taking a hard fought loss from the East Central Community Center crew- featuring Eric Beal and Houston Stockton in the first week, followed by a less competitive game against ES Elite that saw former Everett Community College stand out and current Mens league dominator Dominique McClendon go crazy with 48 points!

KJ Hassett leads the team in scoring avg 19.5 ppg and assists with 4.5 apg.

Jaelon Stith is leading the team in rebounding with 7.5 per game.

The next game will be Saturday, March 26th at 7pm, at East Central Community Center, come check out the hype!


2015/16 Area HS GIRLS Scoring Leaders

AllStarSatNight2016This list is composed of individual school stat sheets and NW Preps box scores.  They are not 100% accurate as some games were inconsistent or incomplete. Top scorers earned invites to Catch Spokane’s All Star Saturday Night event on March 12th.  Invites are in the mail for Three Point Shootout, Point Guard Skills Challenge, and the 1 on 1 competition!

player school AVG High
1 Christine Denny LIBERTY 21 36
2 Rachel Bozlee NWC 20.053 36
3 Riley Lupfer LC 19.3 28
4 Hailey Higashi STG 19.2 30
5 Lexie Hull CV 18.8 39
6 Meika Heath Davenport 17.231 27
7 shania graham republic 16.75 27
8 Gabi Isaak ACH 15.412 23
9 Katie Pannell UNIVERSITY 15.211 27
10 Carmen Gfeller Colfax 15 27
11 Taylor Drynan G Prep 14.8 24
12 Megan Dean NC 14.19 21
13 Abby Glorfield St John 14.053 32
14 Jordan Smith MS 13.7 31
15 Christina Carden wellpinit 13.688 29
16 Peyton Curtis lind-ritz 13.684 21
17 Hannah Rick selkirk 13.579 25
18 Maggie Cobb Chewelah 13.5 28
19 Jocelin Nenema Cusick 13.417 20
20 Elish Smith Spring 12.938 21
21 Berlyn Hunt ACH 12.765 27
22 Brooke Bailey UNIVERSITY 12.75 24
23 Tess Jantz Lind_Ritz 12.727 25
24 Nicole Beckman Springdale 12.563 21
25 Katie Dewulf Odesa-Har 12.429 23
26 Quincy McDied NC 12.077 22
27 Makayla Hall Kettle Falls 12.071 20
28 Aaliyah Pauling MEAD 12 27
29 Abby Meulheim Ferris 11.538 21
30 Abby Bauernfeind shadle 11.3 23
31 Sidney Abbott Davenport 11.2 24
32 Brenna Oliver ACH 11.182 24