GIRLS- Basketball Top Scoring Averages (Jan 3)

This is the list of top scoring averages for girls in the area.  Not all games have been collected and recorded.

The top 12 players from this list will get invited to the 2nd Catch Spokane All Star Saturday Night ONE on ONE competition in March.


Player School AVG
Lexie Hull CV 21.889
Rachel Bozlee NWC 20.889
Carmen Gfeller Colfax 19.75
Christine Denny Liberty 19.3
Hailey Higasho ST Georges 18.545
Riley Lupfer LC 18.125
Meika Heath Davenport 17.625
Peyton Curtis Lind-Ritz 15
Abby Glorfield St John- 15
Megan Dean NC 14.444
Maggie Cobb Chewelah 14.333
Jordan Smith Mt Spo 14.333
Aaliyah Pauling Mead 13.75
Christina Carden Wellpinit 13.375
Quincy McDeid NC 13.333
Berlyn Hunt A-C-H 13.286
Elish Smith Springdale 13.143
Brooklyn Howlett LC 12.875
Katie Pannell U-High 12.875
Jadyn Lyman Mt. Spo 12.556
Abby Jones ST Georges 12.364
Sidney Abbott Davenport 11.8
Katie Dewulf Odesa-Har 11.5
Bria Bowton Ferris 11.333
Abby Meulheim Ferris 11.222




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