Who gets recruited?

Character makes the player…. Read what another expert had to say about  what type of person gets the opportunities at the college level.

Linda Crum (@Lg_Crum) played volleyball at University of Iowa and coached at both Iowa State and Ohio State. After a stint as Colorado State University’s Student-Athlete Learning Center Coordinator, she became Positive Coaching Alliance’s Chapter Executive Director in Colorado.

When Crum was recruiting high school athletes, she sought qualities far beyond volleyball talent.

If two athletes were near equals in talent, she weighed their involvement and success in other activities that might reveal leadership, commitment, and work ethic in life, not just for a sport itself. Essentially, Crum noted that she recruited more well-rounded people, and not just athletes, because talent is important, but without passion, work ethic, commitment and leadership, talent can only take a team so far.

If you don’t have some of the “softer” things in your game- respect, humility, selflessness learn to train your mind as well as your body to be the best person you can be…  College coaches are searching for players without baggage and have the resources to disqualify the recruits that can’t show these characteristics that directly relate to team success.


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