Boys 3 Point Leaders

BOYS GSL REG Season “Three Ball” Leaders- *UPDATED- END OF YEAR  Connor Hojnacki, LC- 47  Buddy Rucker, Rogers-  42  Justin Fayant, CV-  41  Robert Little, UH-  39 5T  Cody Benzel, Ferris-  37 5T Michael Isatalo, UH-  37 5T Stu Stiles, MS-  37  Ryan Alexander-G Prep-  32  Will McPhee, Mead-  31  AJ Knudsen, CV- 29  

Starting 5

As the season approaches the halfway mark,  Ive been scouting players and teams watching to see who has what the other team doesn’t,  why it works and doesn’t work, who should win and why teams lose.  I see CV with all of their experience and arguably the best player in Chamberlain, Shadle Park with all of their potential

The First Hoop Scoop

The GSL basketball rosters are loaded this year with 7 out of 12 returning first team ALL LEAGUE members! Sam Dowd- G Prep Adam Chamberlain- CV Stu Stiles- Mt Spokane Cody Benzel-  Ferris Delany Junkermier- Mead Otiona Gildon- G Prep Madison Hovren –  CV The season starts Tuesday and I have a list of under the radar players that I cant wait

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