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Leon Sayers-North Central


6′ 7″ Leon Sayers has the potential to be a force in the GSL. You would think he would be spending most of his time in the paint but instead he is a force on the wing. There was a time when that would be a mistake but not in 2016. Tall players that shoot from the perimeter and can handle the ball are what college coaches want. In the GSL he is a matchup problem for most teams. When he wants to he can put the ball on the floor and get to the rim as well as knock down the open shot.
North Central couldn’t get anything going against Mt Spokane for 3 quarters and fell behind by 18. In the 4th quarter Sayers caught fire hitting 3 threes and 3 free throws in about a two minute span. And with a little help from his friends cut the lead to 6. NC ran out of time ultimately losing by 5.  Sayers finished with a game high 22 points showing what he is capable of.
Sayers has a soft touch from behind the arc and doesn’t look like a sophomore with a handful of varsity games shooting the ball. He has a nice go to spin move in the paint that’s hard to stop. Multiple times he went hard to the basket finishing with a soft touch. Also came away with more than one rebound where he was above everyone on the floor. If he wants it bad enough he could do some amazing things in the years to come.
Leon has all the necessary tools in his tool box to be all league if he puts in the time and effort to hone his God given talent.

Catch Spokane Recruit Team- update

Launch Season FlyerAs of 3/27/2016 after 3 games against some stiff competition, the boys are holding their own and learning how to play a mans game!  The latest game was a close 66-56 loss to the Unforgiven Lounge team boasting players like Anthony Brown(former Shadle and WSU player) and last years GSL MVP Melik Hampton (Rogers).  Brown dropped 22 and Hampton 23, including a swat of former Pirate teammate and GSL leading scorer KJ Hassett (KJ is looking forward to the re match).

For Catch Spokane, KJ led the way with 16 while Jaelon Stith had 10 points, 13 rebounds.  GAME HIGHLIGHTS HERE

Next game vs East Central CC, Sunday April 3, at 4pm

Team Leaders thru 3 games

KJ HASSETT18.3 ppg, 4 reb, 3.7 ast, 1 stl, .7 blk, 0/0 FT

JOHN LYNCH III–  9.3 ppg, 3 reb, 3.3 ast, 1.7 stl, 0 blk, 3/4 FT

JAELON STITH–  10.7 ppg, 9.3 reb, 0ast, 1 stl, o blk, 3/8 FT

TYLER IRISH–  6.3 ppg, 3.3 reb, .7 ast, 1.7 stl, .3 blk, 1/1 FT

VAUGHN HANDLE–  13 ppg, 5.5 reb, .5 ast, .5 stl, 1 blk, 0/0 FT

AUSTIN YOAKUM–  0 ppg, 3 reb, 2 ast, 1 stl, o blk, 0/0

DENZEL BRANTLEY–  13.5 ppg, 3 reb, 1.5 ast, 1.5 stl, 0 blk, 7/9 FT

DANE SIMPSON–  3 ppg, 3 reb, 0 ast, 1 stl, 0 blk, 0/0 FT

Catch Spokane- Recruit Basketball Team

catchspokane benchSelect high school players were put on a team to compete against some of the cities best players at East Central Community Center and the first installment of The Love League, a Men’s Elite basketball league.    The players chosen all have college potential and are either signed to play next year or are still weighing their options at what the future holds for their hoop dreams.  The purpose of this team is to prep the players for a faster paced, more physical style of play that will be more related to the college game and to increase the players networking opportunities as a lot of the other teams have former players from various colleges, with various connections at the collegiate level.  The games are filmed, edited, and produced into highlight clips with a full menu of statistics being recorded along with commentary from some highly respected local hoop heads-Michael Bethely and Dashawn Bedford.  It provides a great add on to any recruiting efforts these athletes are enduring.

Our roster consists of 8 players- KJ Hassett(Rogers), Austin Yoakum(West Valley), John Lynch(Springdale, Presentation College bound), Jaelon Stith(Medical Lake), Vaughn Handel(Lewis & Clark), Denzel Brantley(Rogers), Tyler Irish(Deer Park), and Rashawn Lemery(North Central).

After two games the boys are 0-2 taking a hard fought loss from the East Central Community Center crew- featuring Eric Beal and Houston Stockton in the first week, followed by a less competitive game against ES Elite that saw former Everett Community College stand out and current Mens league dominator Dominique McClendon go crazy with 48 points!

KJ Hassett leads the team in scoring avg 19.5 ppg and assists with 4.5 apg.

Jaelon Stith is leading the team in rebounding with 7.5 per game.

The next game will be Saturday, March 26th at 7pm, at East Central Community Center, come check out the hype!


NC @ Mt Spokane- Basketball (Dec 17, 2015)


This game started and ended and I felt totally different about what I THOUGHT was going to take place.  The North Central Lady Indians have some new weapons!  As much as I love Megan Dean’s full throttle game, it got even better as she is handling the ball and running the point most of the time!  Awesome, thanks Coach!  Now she is not only all gas, shes able to expand her game and show the ability to set people up for scores, which she does well.  Megan also looks like she is thriving in the leadership role with this young up and coming squad.  Now on to my rest of the “What happened over the off season?” observation.  Lexie Brandt, the next PG in line, is something else to watch.  First of all she’s in 9th grade, second- she’s fearless, third- her ball handling is slickness, and fourth- she just has that “looks like a baller” quality to her that coaches love when the skills match.  Obviously she has some weak spots, but again, see point #1!  Next up is Quincy McDeid, who is another 9th grader and may already be the best player on the team.  She started off kind of ho-hum, just hung out hitting threes, grabbing rebounds, and then she opened my eyes with this nice baseline floater, and then started breaking the press.  What?  A 5-10, freshmen breaking the press with two very capable point guards on the floor with her.  She is very poised!    Cant wait to see them again.  For Mt Spokane, they too possess a large pool of young talented hoopers.  I can pick 4 or 5 to brag about but I’ll leave something for later.  Ill start with a couple of sophomores, Meghan Henry, who just gets it!  She nailed two threes and knows exactly how to space the floor and find openings.  Miahna Waters, who I definitely remember from volleyball season is a monster on the boards.  She plays HARD and hustles her butt off.  Shes obviously very athletic but what was nice to see was her ability to pass from the high post.  I didn’t mention players like Jaidyn Lyman, Aspyn Adams, or Jordan Smith  but I will soon enough.  Overall this was a fun game to watch with so many capable players who have some years left to improve and pave their way through the GSL.


This game was a tight battle as well that showcased the leader on each team.  For Mt Spokane, Sam Stiles slowly heated up and scored 9 straight at one point in the 4th quarter keeping NC behind.  Stiles scored on a deep three and also a nice driving lay up.  He’s a lot tougher of a player than I remember and could be one of the league’s top scorers if he continues to be aggressive on offense.  Senior Garrison Beckley also showed signs of a toughness and leadership that I don’t remember, he was not deterred by the super star in the Red uniform.  Beckley finished the game with some clutch free throws.  North Central, once again lead by all around talent, Senior Riley Smith. Smith has the ability to own a game with his deep threes, pull up jumpers, and dribble driving dime drops.  I would have to say that he’s somewhere in the 80% range of NCs offense, albeit scoring or setting up a teammate for a score.   A very good player.  First year varsity player, RJ Tensley ran the point for a lot of the game is under control and does a nice job to not force the issue and look for his scorers.  Tensley also has a nice defensive game, getting into ball handlers and using his hands to cause problems and make deflections.




U High @ Ferris- Basketball (Jan 15, 2016)


Ferris showed impressive resolve along with an underwhelming roller coaster effort in this game.  They started fine only to fall apart in the second quarter and then flying around in the third to make it close again, only to fall off and give up some crucial shots late get beat.  However Abby Meulheim again had a very dominant game scoring all over especially feeling it from deep.  A.M.  decided to drive to the basket this game and drew some fouls and imposed her will on the defense, which is always nice to see from a guard with her size and talent.  Kayla Sharp also showed why she was a frosh starter last year, breaking down defenders to find open scorers and putting in  a handful of buckets herself.  For University, they got their one-two punch working over time from Kaiti Pannell and Brooke Bailey.  These two are a true force when they are both hitting shots.  When I watch Bailey I think, why doesn’t she score more?  She looks like she can do whatever she wants but I’m sure she is smart enough and a good enough teammate to play within a team concept and do her best to play the role she is given, which is in no doubt being a leader and making sure the right things are happening on the court.  I’ve been waiting for Pannell to fire up 30 points this season and she almost got there tonight, bombing from deep.  She can do so many things on the court and has been proving her all around game for years it seems, which is a bad thing for us fans, as she is a senior.  Hopefully I get to watch more of these girls before the season is over.


CV @ G Prep- Basketball (Dec 12, 2015)


The Prep boys started this game strong owning the glass, and finding the loose balls and basically led the entire game.  It was competitive and fun to watch as both teams possess a serious amount of talent and show why they will be among the leagues leader in wins.  Prep had a very balanced game, moving the ball around and taking the open shots, very well coached tonight.  Who stood out???  Sam Lockette!  He gets his minutes because he works very hard on defense and when you combine that hard work with his athleticism, he’s a bothersome dude when he’s guarding you!  Lockette also proved to be a scorer by making a couple of very nice finishes at the rim including a three-point play.  Kea Vargas also continued his barrage of three pointers, stretching the defense and making them pay for letting him shoot the ball.  The counts wont be in for another month or so but I would bet he’s at the top of the list when it comes to the leagues 3pt shot makers!  Central Valley’s Josh Thomas stood out as a player who can and will do it all.  Offensively, he’s got a good outside game with a sense of space and time.  He can shoot the three and handle the ball. Inside he’s strong and functions with good footwork.  Defensively he battles and uses his quickness to make plays.  Hes a solid player for the Bears adding another weapon to go side by side with Tucker and Sloan and the rest of their sharp shooters.  The next time these teams play I see is as a closer event.  CAnt wait!


Pullman @ West Valley-Basketball (Jan 16, 2016)


West Valley was put to the test against undefeated Pullman tonight and came away with a great win.  The best game Ive been to this year!   I’ll start the reviews with mentioning that Brennen Folkins can shoot!  He just needs a little space, that’s it and he will shoot from out there!   His a big strong kid at 6-3 and with a stroke like that is dangerous.  Austin Yoakum is where it was at tonight!  The 6-3 lanky PG ran the offense without exception the entire game and handle the Pullman pressure very well.  Once the game got flowing you could see that he has a special game.  He’s lightning quick and knows has to get past the defender with ease and finish above the rim against “POST” players.  He finished this game scoring 8 of his 28 in OT and icing the game with 15 seconds to go with 4 straight free throws.  Pullman on the flip side gave me a chance to take a peak at the junior PG Tim Pendry.  He shows a ton of quickness himself and is a tough nosed defender always looking for the ball.  Jake Cillay their 6-5 Post is a versatile well-rounded player scoring inside and out with a lot of athleticism.  These two form a nice duo and will keep Pullman charging ahead into the depths of the playoffs.


West Valley has the advantage of having two players on the inside able and willing to get dirty, play physical, and have the ability to score.  The Sinner sisters of West Valley pose a threat to every team in the league due to their style of play.  Lily Sinner showed to be the more assertive offensively with quick moves and good passing ability.  She will go after all boards and gets off of the ground to snag them and once she has her hands on the ball, she will not let go.  Claire Sinner is more of an inside banger if you will.  She is a tough cookie that will fight for the ball and use her body and elbows for the possession win.  Claire also has nice form on her shot which Im sure she will be taking more of over the next year and a half.  Pullman has Madi Mueller who spent the whole game, being in the right spot at the right time and was able to fill the hoop numerous times.  This girl plays with an intense desire to rebound the ball and is very good at it.


GIRLS- Basketball Top Scoring Averages (Jan 3)

This is the list of top scoring averages for girls in the area.  Not all games have been collected and recorded.

The top 12 players from this list will get invited to the 2nd Catch Spokane All Star Saturday Night ONE on ONE competition in March.


Player School AVG
Lexie Hull CV 21.889
Rachel Bozlee NWC 20.889
Carmen Gfeller Colfax 19.75
Christine Denny Liberty 19.3
Hailey Higasho ST Georges 18.545
Riley Lupfer LC 18.125
Meika Heath Davenport 17.625
Peyton Curtis Lind-Ritz 15
Abby Glorfield St John- 15
Megan Dean NC 14.444
Maggie Cobb Chewelah 14.333
Jordan Smith Mt Spo 14.333
Aaliyah Pauling Mead 13.75
Christina Carden Wellpinit 13.375
Quincy McDeid NC 13.333
Berlyn Hunt A-C-H 13.286
Elish Smith Springdale 13.143
Brooklyn Howlett LC 12.875
Katie Pannell U-High 12.875
Jadyn Lyman Mt. Spo 12.556
Abby Jones ST Georges 12.364
Sidney Abbott Davenport 11.8
Katie Dewulf Odesa-Har 11.5
Bria Bowton Ferris 11.333
Abby Meulheim Ferris 11.222