LC @ Shadle Park- Basketball (Jan 15, 2015)

BOYS- (Andreas Brown, George Pilimai,) The Thursday night game started out a little bit lower energy than I anticipated, especially the Tigers,  but by the end of the first half both teams were playing with a much more intense pace and it carried over into the great second half that was showcased.  GP- George Pilimai

Money Talks

Some of you may know what its like to start out playing your first sport and in the beginning you are like every other youngster your age, having fun, learning the rules, the fundamentals, just playing.  Think about how you felt back then playing that game.  Maybe you were successful, maybe not, but it’s still

Spokane’s HS Baseball Stats

Games through April 9th (only teams with stats gathered are listed) Check out the form at the bottom of page to share something or request scouting. HITS Yoshinhara- Ferris-  19 Parker- Ferris-  17 Douglas- Shadle-  14 Gosline-  Prep-  14 Maclin- Shadle-  13 Bailey- MTS-  13 O’Rourke- Mead-  12 Williamson-UH-  12 Macdonald- MTS-  11 Webb- LC-  11 Ward-

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